Countdown to 26.2: 3 Days

Well, it looks to be unavoidable. The forecast for Saturday is a low of 63 and a high of 81. Edging towards the toasty side for a marathon and for me personally (I prefer cooler, and rainy if it’s available!). I’ve been trying to prepare myself mentally for this possibility—it is the end of April in the Midwest, after all, a season and location where meteorologically anything  is possible. Hot or cold, wet or dry, windy or more windy…the possibilities are endless. And while we all know that I was not-so-secretly hoping for rain, I’m doing my best to take this in stride. I’ll just have to accept the fact that I have absolutely no control over the weather…just over myself.

Three things are now drastically important:

  1. Conservative pace. I will abide by no craziness now. Even with all the excitement and countless people available to pass, Running Buddy and I must keep our heads. We need to think like the tortoise and stick to the planned pace or a bit slower.
  2. Hydration/fueling. My longest long runs just happened to be accomplished when it was cool and rainy. This is going to be quite a bit different. Even though I’m still not altogether crazy about the prospect of eating or drinking while on the run, I’ll need to be careful to replace fluids/electrolytes before I’m too far gone. Not that I need to turn into a crazed water-guzzling machine, either…but I do need to remember to drink a little more than I’m used to and a little more often  in order to combat the heat.
  3. Sunscreen. Mom will be so proud that this made the list! I’m naturally fair-skinned and the marathon will be my longest stretch in the sun since last summer. Um, yeah. Sunscreen is a must.

4 responses

  1. You will do fine. Having someone with you will help keep the pace steady. Definitely keep hydrated, better to suffer through a pit stop than an IV drip after the race.

    Instead of sunscreen, get some of those snazzy compression sleeves for your arms and legs. You’ll really be styling then!

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