FAQs from Non-Runners to Marathoners-in-Training

For all non-runners…I’m sorry if you’re offended by my amusement in your FAQs. For the record, I much prefer your curiousity about the sport to cat-calls and car honks while I’m training. For the sake of my sanity, the healthiest thing I can do is find things to laugh about in this long and arduous journey.

And in addition, Winter Warrior and I have discovered that most of these questions are common across multiple time zones.

How long is the marathon? I think this is strange for a lot of non-runners, but a “marathon” actually refers to a single distance. 26.2 miles. A “half-marathon” (or, here in Louisville, the “mini marathon”) is 13.1 miles. Yes indeed, math is a helpful friend. 

Do you think you’ll win? Tehe. Chuckle. No sirree Bob. There are 12,000 people in the event this weekend. Although the majority of them are in the “mini-marathon,” there are bound to be a couple of thousand in the full event. Superfast, previous Boston qualifier husband will in all likelihood be out of the running for age group awards. Lil’ ol’ me (a marathon rookie and nine minute per mile runner) will finish somewhere in the great middle. However, that’s the thing about running in general and marathoning in particular: we’re all after our individual goals. For me, a finish would be more than enough.  

Will the race be televised? There are hundreds (thousands?) of marathons in the U.S. every single year. Of those, the big three are Boston, Chicago, and New York. Those will be (in part) televised. The rest? Not so much. 

What if you have to go to the bathroom? First of all, that’s a little personal. Second of all, this is what port-a-johns are for. 

You’re going to be running for HOW long? Somewhere near 4 hours. I would love to be under the 4 hour mark, but for my first attempt on a slightly hilly course on a warm day I’m going to be conservative. Or…TRY to be conservative. 🙂 

Do you get hungry while you run? Sure. From a purely physical standpoint, that’s what the gels/shot blocks are for. Water is more important, but you do need to replace some of the other stuff you lose through sweat/exertion. From a specifically Megan standpoint, I start dreaming of cheeseburgers around mile 17. 

Wow, I know so much about marathoning now…I wish I could be there! Is there any way I could stalk you online? Wow, non-runner, that’s quite flattering, and maybe just a little bit creepy! As it just so happens, you can track my progress online. There’s a link for Runner Tracking on this page of the Kentucky Derby Festival website. Or this link directly to the results search page might work. My bib is 1171.


4 responses

  1. Yea!! I’m so excited some non-runner asked about stalking you cause that is TOTALLY what I wanted to do. What time do you start? And can you convert that to Central cause that whole time zone thing is tricky! 🙂

  2. For the record, non running friends who want to check your progress aren’t *all* wanting to stalk you. Some of them just love you and want to cheer you on in spirit. Ever think of that?? 😉

    So proud of you and Melissa…best wishes tomorrow!!!!

  3. Oh, and I have to admit to making up that last one. It was all a ploy to transition to the stalking link, which I just found out about today. 🙂

    Jen, I meant stalking in the very most positive, happy way. Tehe.

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