That is my best impression of a soccer announcer. Although, to be completely applicable to my situation I should say, GOAL????????

Because, you see, I need one. I feel sort of like my cats…wow, is that bound to make me sound like a crazy cat lady. Oh, well. I probably am! What are you going to do about it? What was I talking about? Oh, right. The cats. You see, my cats are obsessed with grapes. They’re on Scott’s “healthy foods” list, so green grapes have been coming into our house and empty stems leaving our house with great frequency. Being cats, they feel that it’s their job to inspect every new item that enters their abode. Anytime I go grocery shopping, all bags must receive a courtesy sniff…even if their only opportunity is a sniff in the general direction of the bags as I carry them past their curious noses. When I took the grapes out to wash them, the ruckus began. You would think that these cats were starving and I was opening a can of tuna before their very noses. Seriously, guys. These are grapes. Plant matter. I’m not entirely sure that you’re supposed to be interested.

It was weird, but kind of cute at the same time, so mid-ruckus I decided to give the smallest, cutest cat a grape. (The bigger cat lost interest after a few minutes…the little one is persistence itself when it comes to food items that she believes she desperately needs. She can’t help it, she had a very rough kittenhood.) But wait! First, a quick Google check to make sure that grapes aren’t toxic to cats. Oh. I see. Grapes are toxic to cats. Good to know.

Scott was instructed not to leave an unattended grape within jumping or paw-swiping distance of an oddly obsessed (and super sneaky) cat while I attempted to reason with the felines in question. “Listen, guys. I can’t give you a grape. It will make you sick. I’ll give you a treat…wouldn’t you like a nice, crunchy treat that’s designed for kitties? No? C’mon, guys!” It doesn’t matter. You can’t reason with a cat, so they will spend the rest of their lives craving something that is not the slightest bit good for them.

Similarly, a Megan without a goal is a Megan prone to want things that aren’t good for her. Like…sitting on the couch and reading all day instead of going out for a run. Like…opting for the Mountain Dew and the Starburst jelly beans over a healthier snack choice. I know I should go run, that running is good for me, that I’ll be happier if I continue running consisently…but without a goal (and the accompanying plan) I’m no good to myself or anyone.

On the other hand, coming off of marathon training has given me a slight distaste for the “training for a specific race in the distant future” calendar-style plan. What’s a girl to do?

This girl has set two smaller goals/guidelines for herself.

GG #1: Crosstrain once a week. I put that in green because the very idea of actual cross training makes me want to puke. Blech. However, pursued correctly it will be a whole lot more beneficial for me than grapes to a cat and we do have a gym membership that thus far has only been used for treadmills and weights. Given my significant lack of coordination and the fact that I’ve never done any form of gym-based, aerobic exercise with a group, I opted for a spin class on Monday  nights. It sounded good. I’ve ridden a bike before, so I shouldn’t be able to embarrass myself too severely…or so I thought, until I learned that my class had been chosen to be filmed for a promotional video for the gym. Excellent timing, Megan! Yikes. I made it through, and many non-running muscles (as well as my rear end) are now protesting.

GG#2: Incorporate speedwork. I’ve been grumbling to Scott about my 9:00/mile slump. I’d like to get my training pace under that, but with the marathon I didn’t feel like I could focus on more than one thing (that one thing—running ridiculously far). Now, I’m either going to have to quit grumbling or do something about it…which means going back to the track. I think I’m going to alternate between intervals and tempo runs, just because the track doesn’t always like me.


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  1. I need to add speed work to my workout repertoire, too. Problem is that I have no idea how to do it. I mean, I can follow the workout suggestions in the running magazine, but is that all there is to it? I get that it’ll be hard, but… I dunno. Maybe I’m just not very smart? 🙂

  2. Speed work is in my short term plans as well. I want to improve for the Sunrise 8K. I am using it as a pre-marathon training goal. I am going to alternate hill training (no problem around here) and quarter miles on a track.

    I didn’t know about grapes and cats, but I did find out the hard way not to give a ham bone to a dog… $250 in vet bills would have bought a lot of those fancy beef bones at the pet store…..

  3. Anne, would you have an opportunity to join the Greenville Track Club for their track workouts? They’re a good way to hop into a speed program, and it’s always easier to run with others! They meet at the Greenville High School track every Wednesday (or at least…every Wednesday that there isn’t a track meet) at 6:00. I’ve even seen people bring their kids occasionally. It’s pretty laid back and there’s a good mix of runners there.

    Robert, the Sunrise 8k is a great little race! The course is reasonably fast (only 1-2 minor hills in the latter half) and the giveaways for registrants/age group winners have a history of being pretty unique.

  4. I’ve been in a similar boat. I did a lot of different distances in running last year and sorta burned out after the half. It’s taken the last month to really get back into normal training. I’m going to do a few 5Ks soon but other than that, I’ve been focusing on cross-training and like you chose spinning. I now have a *regular* planned class on Tuesdays @5:30p. It then makes me feel good to read my Runner’s World and have them talk spinning/biking up big for excellent crosstraining for runners. Hence, you and I are super geniuses :-).

    And, you’ve just inspired me. I think I need to start a new blog but this time I want it to be just about my training. Should I keep the same address or try a new one?

  5. I hate to do anything that inadvertently agrees with RW (they’re still on my “bad” list), but it’s good to use different muscles occasionally. 🙂

    I say stick with your same address and just do a post that says you’re going to focus on training. Your readers will love to read your writing, whatever you choose to write about!

  6. True, but I think I need a new blog title even if I keep the same address. I want it to say something about my blog topics just like yours cleverly does.

  7. How about…Lindsey Tri-ing. Oh, that’s genius. Like “trying” and “triathlons.” Nope, you don’t need to pay me for that. It’s all yours. (LOL)

  8. Good call about the Wednesday workouts, Megan. Thanks for that! I think I can make it happen most weeks. I gotta add it to my list of things to do. 🙂

  9. Our new gym offers boxing on Tuesday and Thursday night. I’m going to try it one night. I’m in the same boat as you just running and weights BUT at least I use a multitude of weight machines and not just one. 🙂

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