Reasons to Be Excited About Summer

Farmer’s Market season has begun. I’ve never actually gone to one of these in South Carolina, but I always say that I will and perhaps this is the year! It would be nice to find a source of tomatoes that actually tasted like tomatoes. The ones in the store always have a very non-fresh-tomato texture. Blech. I could try growing my own, perhaps in a nifty upside-down planter like they’re hawking on TV, but I don’t do very well with plants. I’d be really sad to kill a food-bearing plant. 

More daylight. I’m excited about this one in theory, because it is somewhat depressing to leave home and return home in the dark…but all this really means for me so far is waking up at 6am on a Saturday. We need to paint our windows black. Or possibly get some new curtains.  The desire to sleep in tempting me to extreme home decor measures aside, however, daylight is generally a good thing. 

Summer clothes. More of them fit in my closet at one time than winter clothes. Especially once I pick them up off the floor. That’s a good thing! They also make trips to the Sunflower State easier — you can fit way more shorts in a carry-on bag than jeans/sweaters! 

Movies/concerts at the amphitheatre. There’s a cute little amphitheatre in Simpsonville that has “movie summer.” That sounds like a cute date thing, ey? Hey husband…when was the last time we went on a date? Along the same lines, Chicago is coming to Greenville in August. Yeehaw! 

My birthday. It’s in the summer, so I should be excited about that. Although it does signal my missed opportunity at running 26 miles while I’m 26. Sigh. 

Matty! Lil’ brudder has been a serious work-a-holic these past few months. He moves all the way into our time zone, and then he works 70 hour weeks. What’s up with that? Hopefully, when he’s done with the craziness he’ll (hint hint) come visit his very favorite sister and brother-in-law. 

I needed a little summer pep talk…because it’s hard to get excited about the return of extreme heat and humidity when you’ve been forced to accept the fact that you’re a cold-weather runner. Do you think I could run in 40-degree rain just ONE more time before summer hits? No? Ok, then. Let the acclimation (sigh) begin!


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