Spinning and Running and Working and Planning…oh, my!

I’m always disappointed with myself when I follow up a long session of  near-daily posts with several weeks of blog slacking. For anyone out there who enjoys my gibberish, it must be quite a let-down.

On a random note, I do know someone who DOESN’T enjoy  my gibberish. My mom recently added texting to her phone, so I enjoy sending her the occasional (and only occasionally coherent) text message. Our “conversation” last night is still cracking me up.

Megarunr: Great googly moogly!
MomofRunrs: What?
Megarunr: Gorkamaport?
MomofRunrs: What???
Megarunr: Kachow cow.
MomofRunrs: WHAT??!!

I wasn’t aware that she’d figured out how to use all caps on her phone yet, so I called it a day when the capital letters and exclamation points showed up.

Megarunr: Just your standard gibberish, ma’am.
MomofRunrs: Biking affected more than your butt.
Megarunr: I won’t deny it!

Don’t you feel sorry for her? She’s put up with a lot of weirdness over the  years. Shoot! That’s what I should have written on  her Mother’s  Day card! Dear Mom, thanks for putting up with all of my weirdness. Love, Meg.

Maybe next year.

I did go to spin class again last night, and this time I stepped up (pedaled up?) my effort. My legs were slightly MORE like jello when I finished, but fortunately my rear end is becoming slightly more accustomed to the bike seat. Whew.

Husband and I also ran at Paris Mountain this weekend. He ran a good portion of the course for the upcoming XTERRA Paris Mountain Trail 15k, I ran a slightly easier portion just for kicks. It was pretty fun, and I didn’t see any snakes. Thank goodness.

It’s been difficult to “find time” to run now that I don’t have a pesky training plan staring me in the face. I find myself thinking, “well, I could work a little overtime and not run today” or, “I’ll just get dinner together for Scott and run tomorrow morning.” It’s amusing, because when I knew I needed to run to get ready for the marathon prioritizing wasn’t a problem. I’m doing better this week, so maybe part of the problem was just that I needed a break.

We’ve also got some planning going on…and if you know Scott and I, you know that we enjoy nothing so much as a good plan. I have another Kansas trip coming up towards the end of the summer and we’re hoping for some visitors later on in the year. We’ve also got some house projects looming…which to tackle first, the deck or the bathroom? There’s also the matter of a certain abandoned fish pond to see to before it becomes a serious health hazard.


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