Watch Band Attacks!

My watch band is attacking me. It’s 6 (8? Holy cow…how long  have I had this watch?) years old, and the rubber is beginning to crack. I really think that’s a fairly reasonably life expectancy for a watch band, considering that I’ve been wearing the thing in traditional runner fashion…that is to say, obsessively, continually, and with almost any attire.

But now it’s pinching me. It’s annoying. I intend to buy another watch band eventually (which will probably not happen until the existing band actually breaks entirely or draws blood), and until I get around to it there are a couple of easy solutions: I could stop wearing it to work, since I have both the computer and my cell phone to give me the time of day.  Too easy! I’d prefer to keep wearing it for no good reason at all, (mostly) ignoring discomfort simply because I feel a little naked without my watch and a hair tie on my wrist. I could also put a little piece of tape over the cracks to keep them from pinching me, but that requires a certain degree of effort that I’m just not willing to put forth. Much better to waste 10 minutes complaining about it via the Internet, no?

Pinch pinch pinch. Pinch pinch pinch. Ok, I give. Where’s that tape?


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