V for Victory

I’m proud of the fact that my husband semi-occasionally reads my blog. Maybe he just checks to make sure I’m saying nice and truthful things about him, or maybe he’s just bored, but the fact that mi esposo uses some of his computer time to read my written ramblings when he is in fact subjected to my verbal ramblings constantly makes me happy. 

And then, sometimes, it pays off big. 

I called him on my way home Thursday, and he says, “hey, I have that tool you’re looking for. It came with my Garmin.” Whoa! THE tool? Conquerer of spring posts? This is big news. And although the big QUESTION is…why didn’t he offer this information earlier (his contribution at the time: “why don’t you just buy a new watch?”), I’m too happy to care. The whole toothpick and flashlight method wasn’t precisely effective, and in his defense I didn’t tell him that my watch band kit was missing a tool. That he had to read from the blog…so I’m so glad he does! 

Armed and dangerous, I managed to attach the remaining part of my watch band in less than 5 minutes. Yay! I feel so much better with that attached to my wrist.


3 responses

  1. Oh, that’s easy! Because I think the Garmins (although they are much smaller than they were a few short years ago) are very much oversized for my puny wrists. They just look silly. Until they get to be the size of my ladies’ Timex Ironman, I’ll pass. And also because I’m still enjoying my nike+, and I think there’s a limit to how many gadgets can clutter up one very simple activity.

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