Facing My Fears

I’m not gonna lie…I don’t want to go to track practice. Track = speed, speed = lactic acid and oxygen debt, which = OW. Every week, it’s a different excuse. “Well, I just attempted the marathon a few days ago, I probably need a full week of rest before I start a new program.” “You know what? It looks like rain, and normally if it’s raining they cancel.” “Um…well, this would make 5 days in a row of some sort of physical activity, and I did say that I would be giving myself more rest days after the marathon.”

Ok. I see what’s happening here.  Little Megan has a track complex. Part of it is understandable—it’s much more comfortable to run 6 miles at “easy” pace with the gals than to run 800m intervals at the track with fast people. Then too, a little of it is about pride—I have distinct memories of track that fail to align with the MegaRunr of today. When will I get over that? Sheesh. I am exactly as fast as my training and lifestyle have enabled me to be, which leaves me with two options. First, I can keep running and eating in the comfortable manner I’ve grown accustomed to and accept my place in the great running middle. OR, if I am unable to accept this role without whining, I can make a more serious effort to do something about it. You think you deserve an age group award? Get on the track. You want to start running 6:00 for threshhold runs again?  I’d suggest you run some threshhold runs. And cutting back on the Mt. Dew at work probably wouldn’t hurt anything either.

If for no other reason than to hold on to my right to whine, I am telling you, my blogging friends and accountability team, that I will be going to track practice this week. A perfectly lovely, true ladder workout is scheduled (400, 600, 800, 1000, 800, 600, 400). If I can’t have 400m repeats, the ladder is probably my favorite interval workout.


5 responses

  1. okay, so how does the ladder workout go on the track? do you walk or jog in between those distances?

    I have so much still to learn about running.

  2. In the Greenville Track Club track workouts, you jog a lap in between each interval. If you wanted less rest, you can just set a time limit between each interval and walk or jog a bit.

  3. OMG, I want to go with you! Strength in (slowish) numbers, I say.

    But I think my husband is working late tonight, and my children are too young and too curious to sit still while their mother runs around in circles. Are you going next week, too? Because if you are I can arrange our family schedule so I can be there, too.

    But good for you, Megan! I can’t wait to read how it goes.

  4. That depends entirely on how today goes! 🙂 Actually, my (sorta) plan is to hit the track every other week, with tempo runs in between. But if I have a lot of fun and next week’s workout looks doable, I might change my mind. I’ll keep you posted.

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