Counting on Accountability

Today is Wednesday track workout day. I think I’ll start telling people that when they ask me what day it is. That’d be a fun change from the ho-hum, oh-so-expected MonTuesWednesThursFriSaturSunday!! Why not impose my own routine on others? Let’s see here…Monday is spin day, Tuesday is running buddies day, Wednesday is track workout day…ok, I’m never going to keep up with this.

I’m fairly certain that today is going to be a good day. My day began by stepping out of the shower to see abstract art in the form of cat vomit. The bigger, fluffier cat is having some issues with hairballs despite frequent visits from the Furminator (the Spring Shed has hit the Runr household with a vengeance…if I was the type of person to spin yarn out of my pet’s fur like I saw on TV once, I could make you all gray and orange tabby scarves), and when she starts feeling sick she is compelled to broadcast her ill feeling across the house. When your day begins by cleaning up cat puke, the only direction it can go from there is UP.  

I’m having fun with this accountability thing. (Marathon Expert wanted to know if I was going to track practice today,and Running Buddy chimed in, “she has to! She wrote about it!” So I did, RB. So I did.) So much fun, in fact, that I’m going to up the ante. I’ve been getting quite a bit of search traffic for the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I’m sure most of it was looking for race results from the recent 5k, which you can currently find on the Greenville Track Club homepage. However, there was a post in the distant past where I promised to take pictures and provide more detail about the different portions of the Trail itself. I never fulfilled that promise, and I’ve felt kind of bad about that. If you’re looking for more info on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, come back next week. There will be pictures. And directions. And any other information I can find/think of.


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