Tell the World Our Story!

That’s what a certain new friend requested at the conclusion of  track day. Well…I believe her exact quote was, “you HAVE to blog about this,” but you get the drift. I did go to track practice yesterday, I did make it up and down the ladder, and I did have fun sharing marathon experiences with a new friend. Isn’t running fun? I’ve been trying to think of a nickname for my new buddy, but everything I’ve come up with so far does not abbreviate well. Track Buddy! I’ll call her Track Buddy. Um…er…or she might not appreciate being mistaken for a disease. TB is out. Then I thought about “Blog Stalker,” because she claims to be one (which I love!)…but BS is even worse! Nonono.

Regardless, my new friend has requested that I tell our story…the story of people who have more respect than regard for a certain 400m oval. The people who may say, “I hate the track!” The same people who celebrate track day in spite of their distaste for it. That’s got to be one of the weirder things about me. I don’t like scary movies, so I avoid scary movies (also trailers for scary movies, which I wish they wouldn’t show as previews for PG-13 movies). I don’t like fish, so I don’t eat fish. I think the NBA is boring, so I whine and roll my eyes until husband takes pity on me and changes the channel. I don’t like track workouts…so I run track workouts. That makes sense. Wait, what?

In this, as in many weird running things, it’s good to know I’m not alone. The benefits of being able to run speed workouts with others must be worth the sacrifice. After four months of marathon training, I’ll admit that it was a relief to be doing something different. Run a (semi) quick burst, rest, repeat? What a novel idea! On the other hand, dealing with an entirely foreign form of running discomfort was…uncomfortable. For me personally, mental toughness has a tendency to atrophy when it’s not put to the test. So I suppose I should be thankful to the track for helping prepare me physically and mentally for (hopefully) faster running down the road. I even had a fairly decent “first workout back” yesterday. I averaged right around 1:40 pace per 400m, which was my goal. I had a brief lapse after the second 800m rep but I managed to push through it.

I can be grateful…I just don’t necessarily need to like it. I’ll join the host of others who talk bad about the track behind its back but respect it enough to visit occasionally. That’ll work for me.


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