A Time for Random

If there is a time for everything, couldn’t there be a time for random?

I’ve been thinking, and I’ve decided that the job of naming things has got to be the coolest one of all. One of Adam’s first jobs was naming all the animals, which would be a pretty sweet gig. Although no matter what silly or completely accurate moniker he came up with, it wouldn’t have surprised God. Do you think he tried to impress God with his naming prowess? No, this would have been before the fall. I imagine there was no preening like a peacock as he named the peacock.

In naming things today, you’ve pretty much got your choice between paint colors, nail polish colors, and typefaces. I could waste hours in Lowe’s looking at the paint names. I’ll happily waste your time now telling you that our house is painted with “toasty grey,” “rushing rapids,” winter wheat,” “urban sky,” “rainstorm,” and a couple of others I can no longer recall. Who comes up with this stuff? I want in!

This topic entered my head at work today. We have a new template, and a new template means a new font. That font is Frutiger. When the graphic designer told me, I thought he’d made up a word. “What? It’s not Frutiger. You’re messing with  me.” “It really is.” “There is no font called Frutiger.” “There is.” “No.” I’m not always this suspicious, but this fella loves to joke around. Turns out he was right, and I’ve spent the rest of the day trying to decide where that name came from. Someone’s last name? Someone else’s made up word? I tell you, I want in on the naming game.

I named my car (Rambo), I named Scott’s car (although he refuses to officially recognize it),I named our computers (Gandalf and Lappy486…it’s from a cartoon), I named the fish in the pond until the pond had no more fish. I name and nickname the cats within an inch of their lives because this penchant for naming MUST be spent and Scott drew the line at 2 cats.

Does anyone need a name? For something? Anything?


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