Operation Laziless

Well, it’s no lie that the post-marathon-attempt era has not exactly helped me live up to the name “megarunr.” More like “litlrunr,” or maybe more like “usedtarunr.” Neither of those things look like my given name and I already have a URL all picked out and associated with the blog, so that really only leaves me with one option.

Give up on the whole blogging thing? Hahahaha, no. I like to ramble waaaaaaay too much for that. Pack ALL of my running clothes when going to the gym? Well, that’s a start. But no, I was thinking more along the lines of a boost in motivation. A mental kick in the pants, if you will. Because I know that this isn’t a physical thing. Sure, my body craved a little rest following four months of increased mileage and running 6 days a week. So give it a week…maybe two. But five? That, my friends, is the result of accumulating laziness and becoming accustomed to sedentary evenings.

It is comforting to know that (as always) I’m not alone in my struggle. I think the “spring-to-summer” and “fall-to-winter” transitions are the toughest. Moving from middling to extreme temperatures is no fun at all, and it’s much more comfortable to stay inside than to go into the sauna and turn yourself into a sweaty, red-faced, exhausted mess. I know all of my running friends are coping with the same issues, and I know several are trapped in the disinclination spiral just like me. Isn’t it nice that we all go through the same things?

For me, a big problem is that I’m not training for anything specific. That’s never good. I have a semi-crazy plan that might change this, but I can’t say anything until I get it approved by Running Buddy. (She is, as always, central to the crazy plan…but this time I’ll give her a chance to say no before I blog about it!)

Another problem is that I’ve built up more days of “not running” than running. A routine has been established, and it’s gotten to where I’m proud of myself for any physical effort whatsoever. I’d like to raise the standard a bit and break out of this rut. So, next week I’m going to be exercising every single day. I don’t normally post my training goals on the blog…first because I imagine it’s probably boring, second because I think there’s a limit to the amount of accountability I can handle (I’m working on the Swamp Rabbit post! Honest!). In this instance, though, it might be a kick in the right direction. I know I’d definitely like to be a little less lazy…and maybe even get a little faster. We’ll see.

Operation Laziless:
SUNDAY ——– 2 miles
MONDAY —— XT (1 hr. spin class)
TUESDAY —— 5 miles  
WEDNESDAY – 6 miles (track practice)
THURSDAY —XT (shudder…30 min. aqua jogging)
FRIDAY ———- 3 miles
SATURDAY —– 4 miles


4 responses

  1. Yeah aqua running! That is awesome! I wanna come.

    I hope this crazy plan is a fall marathon but that’s just cause I really really wanna live vicariously through you! 😉

  2. Um, no. Marathon training all summer? That makes me want to cry. I’d never make it. Note that I said “semi” crazy. (No, it’s not a half marathon, either!)

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