Operation Laziless Update

In case anyone’s wondering, Operation Laziless is going along swimmingly…due in no small part to my excitement over the upcoming duel, no doubt.

Here’s the recap:
SUNDAY ——– 2 miles…check! And one of those miles was at 8:32 pace, just to see if I could do it. Then I walked a half mile, because walking is fun.
MONDAY —— XT (1 hr. spin class)…check! But then,  you already know about that from yesterday’s post.  
TUESDAY —— 5 miles…sorta check! It was only 4,  but ME has had a vicious summer cold so I let her pick the distance. It didn’t seem fair to force my own random running plan on her when running at all would be a major accomplishment for me under the circumstances. I’ll run 5 on Saturday, ok?
WEDNESDAY – 6 miles (track practice)
THURSDAY —XT (shudder…30 min. aqua jogging)
FRIDAY ———- 3 miles
SATURDAY —– 4 miles


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