Garmin: 1, Megan: 0

I was outsmarted by Scott’s Garmin on Saturday. I have neglected the iPod as of late (I’ve been very disappointed by the wildly varying distance gauge…even though it’s calibrated and I run a fairly consistent pace, it’s been all over the map. Quite annoying.), and when I finally readied it and myself to run I noticed that the battery had gone dead. Phooey. That’s what I get for ignoring my friend the nanobot.

I was about to go out the door completely technologyless when Scott suggested I take his Garmin. He does this frequently: Mr. Engineer is a big fan of data, so the Forerunner is the perfect running tool for him. I’ve always been resistent to it because it looks ginormous and heavy compared to my Ironman, and he continually tries to bring me around to his side. I’ve always thought this is because the only thing he likes better than buying me things is having me USE the things he’s purchased. He’d like me to have a Garmin, but he has to know I like it first or risk having it be like a certain unfortunate first Christmas present. (He bought me a very pretty necklace that I’ve only worn a handful of times…possibly less than a handful. It’s all my fault, of course…I just have trouble taking the time to put jewelry on in the morning. I’ll have to take it all off when I go to run! Because, clearly, life revolves around running.)

So this time, to humor him, I take the watch…only complaining a tiny bit about  how heavy it feels. Start, stop, lap…suresure…it’s a watch. It’s not until I begin running that I realize “coach” could have an entirely different reason to force the watch on me. What better way to keep track of my progress than to have little brother literally tracking every step I take? Ooh, he’s a sly one. It’s too late to go back and tell him that I’m onto his evil plan, so I spend the first mile playing with the Garmin. 9:18? Holy cow. Too slow! 8:45? Well, that doesn’t feel too bad. 8:24? Don’t mind if I do! The watch obligingly beeps to let me know that I’ve passed the mile mark, and I decide to up the pace a bit to see what I can do. Why not?

I increase the pace into the “moderately uncomfortable realm” and peek at the watch. 8:23? What? Okokok, maybe it needs a minute to accustom itself to my new, blazing speed. Waiting, waiting…8:17? Are you kidding me? I have to be able to break 8:00 pace. This is crazy. The rest of the mile passed in a blur…fighting the watch, fighting my legs, fighting for oxygen…when the watch signaled the end of the second mile, I glanced down for what I was sure would be a shameful split. What I saw almost knocked me to the ground—7:22. Ah-ha…I get it. The “average pace” window I was staring at was telling me my average for the entire workout, not for the mile. Outsmarted by a watch. Awesome. At least I know I can run under 8:00 pace!


5 responses

  1. Best Buy has the Garmin Forerunner 305 on sale this week again for $159.99 so…gulp… I finally broke down and got one myself. I’ve been told the pace isnt’ always accurate but the other ones are and you can always check your pace for all your laps online later. I have SO much to learn about my watch and yes, I have to get used to the idea of having a ginormous watch on my wrist. It looks downright silly but it does have GPS which could be an invaluable training tool since I’m not the greatest at figuring out distances for running. 🙂

  2. I’m starting to feel very un-hip…I don’t want a Garmin, I don’t want an iPhone, I don’t want to “tweet.” What’s become of me?

  3. Maybe it’s just rebelling against what people tell you, you should want. I have to say you probably are telling yourself you don’t want it because you know you’d love it. Happened to me. Couple days with the iphone and the garmin and I’m wondering how I ever lived without. Twitter, well that’s just already an over fad. Keep thinking about the garmin. I even get to use mine on my bike ride tonight (weather permitting). I’ll keep you updated on how I like mine. Love the training center so far and i’ve only updated one tiny run. We’ll see…

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