Have you ever wondered…

…what runners talk about? It’s a question I’m often asked by non-runners. The first hurdle to overcome as I answer is trying to help them understand that, in general, running is not an activity that precludes talking. It’s a concept that’s difficult to grasp if running is a “punishment” to you. And then, if I answer honestly, my response is normally greeted with disappointment. “Oh, you know, anything. Movies we’ve seen, what we’re cooking for dinner, random day-to-day annoyances…” I can see the disbelief on their faces, “what? Really? I always thought runners were so quirky and crazy. I didn’t think they’d talk about normal/boring stuff.”

Normally, I find myself talking about normal things while running. But then, occasionally, you get gems like this:

The scene is track practice. The characters are Scott, a couple of the other “fast guys,” and me. In between intervals, I spotted a bug crawling on Husband’s chest. Ew.

M – Gross, Scott. You have a bug crawling on you. (sending said bug flying as I said so)
S – Ok.
K1 – It was alive? Most of mine die. (Sidenote: One of the hazards of summer running are the bugs. The annoying ones that fly around your  head, the irritating ones that bite, and the poor navigators that fail to yield to larger traffic. By the end of a run, it’s common to end up a gnat graveyard.)
S – That’s because you’re going so much faster that they die immediately on impact.
M – Or because your sweat is poison.

Off we go on another interval. In the next break, one of the fellas (and apparently a blog reader) commented on the rather noticeable fact that I was carrying a stopwatch by its lone remaining strap.

K2 – So is that the infamous watch?
M – Um,  no. Sadly, this is my least broken watch. The Ironman broke again, so I’m back to wearing the Nike one I busted last summer. The catches snapped off, so I can fix it temporarily but it always comes back apart. Very sad.
K1 – So, pretty much your sweat dissolves plastic.
M – Apparently.

Is that weird enough? Causes of bug death and the magical powers of sweat? I aim to please. 🙂

Oh, and yes, my Ironman watch is broken again. It re-broke soon after the miraculous fix, and I’ve been too disheartened either to re-re-fix it or blog about my failure as a watch repairwoman. Reason #2 never to get a Garmin: I’m apparently rough on watches.


2 responses

  1. This is for Scott! For the Love of Pete please buy this girl a new watch!?

    Try a G-Shock they are suppose to be able to take a beating!

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