With the time I could have used fixing my still fixable watch, I was instead inspired to create a unique and thought-provoking piece of art…

Ah yes...a timeless piece from the artist's breakin' timepieces period.

Ooh...a timeless piece from her "Breakin' Timepieces" period.

I thought you would enjoy it. It’s sure a piece of…something…right? Do you like how I even incorporated my nemesis the spring post into the finished product? Oh, yeah.

I’m not sure whether I’m more dismayed by my heretofore unknown capabilities for watch destruction or at the thought of running (gasp) watchless. However, I should patent my recent invention–the supercool running watch palmgrip. That’s right, folks. Tired of that unavoidable tanline from wearing a watch on your (dare I say it…) wrist? Suspicious that others are stealing glimpses of your watch for free splits? Weighed down by not one but two rubber straps? Who wouldn’t be? For a mere $20, bring your sadly out-of-fashion watches with their passé, fully functional bands to Megan for alterations. In return, you’ll receive what’s bound to be the latest craze–palmgrips. You’ll be amazed. Split-stealers and tanlines will be a worry of the past, as your watch is safely tucked inside your palm. Stop weighing down your wrists…go with a palmgrip!

Hahahahahahaha…too much fun. Seriously, though, this is what I’m down to. As soon as I locate Husband’s watchband fixing thingamajig (honey, where’s the thingamajig?), I’ll try to fix the Ironman again. If that doesn’t hold, I’ll go buy a replacement and handle the thing with kid gloves. If I had kid gloves. What in the world are kid gloves?


3 responses

  1. Too funny! I have a G-Shock that never gets worn that I am thinking about donating to you, its a bit bulky though for a girl, maybe Scott will like!?

  2. I may be wrong, but I think Kid Gloves refers to gloves made from the skin of young goats (or kids…) that are especially soft.

    Oh wait, was that a rhetorical question?

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