Following one of those fantastic, circular, marital conversations  (Hey husband, where’s your watch fixing thingamajig? “I think you had it last.” Noooo, I gave it back to you. “You did? Are you sure?” Yup, pretty sure.  Because I knew if I kept it I’d lose it, so I gave it right back. “Well then, it’s in the box.” Ok. Where’s the box?…), I fixed my watch yesterday. Yay!

So, the question of the day is…how long until I break it again? You should know that I think I fixed it better this time, and I’m going to try really, really hard not to do that nervous thing where I spin it around my wrist. Something tells me that might be hard on the watch. I’m fairly certain that I lasted longer than a week. My estimate is 17 days. Anyone care to venture a guess?

***Update ***
I just heard a snap. The watch is hanging in there, but I must have seriously overestimated my fixing abilities once again. That, or the spring posts are conspiring against me. (NO, I wasn’t doing that spinning thing. I’m resisting the temptation.) It’s a tough call. The watch continues to remain one piece, but I’m not holding out much hope for longevity.

***Update to the Update***
It broke. Again. (I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!!!!!) Hmph. D, I guess you win…your guess of 13 days is closer to 1 day than mine.


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