In This Corner…

I’m sure you’re just as excited about the upcoming DUEL as I am, so I thought I’d let you know a little more about our contestants.

In the red corner, weighing in at approximately  none of your business, is the MegaRunr.

Megan, as anyone who’s read the “About Me” page knows,  has been running for more than half her life. She ran for a Division II school, where she was an All-Conference and All-Region athlete in multiple years. In college, she raced the 5,000m and 10,000m almost exclusively. Her favorite event is definitely the 10,000m. Megan is adopting (what seems to her) a very serious training plan courtesy of her husband. So far, it’s included speed work, a variety of cross training, and even (on two occasions so far) a morning and evening workout. When he heard that Running Buddy is having some troubles getting motivated to train, his response was, “then you need to train even harder. If she beats you when she’s not even running,  you’ll be really ticked.” And Megan always thought he was such a nice guy…

Plus / Minus
(+) Megan’s biggest strength will be her conditioning. She’s never had much of a kick, so her plan of attack is a tough, steady pace to wear Running Buddy out before the last 400m.

(-) Megan’s biggest weakness is her lack of speed. If she can’t find a way to shake RB prior to the last 400m, she will be in trouble. BIG trouble.

Personal Records
800m – 2:32
1500m – 5:06
3000m – 10:42
5000m – 17:56
10,000m – 36:59

Time – 13:00 (1:10 faster than last year!)
Misc. – To NOT have to read “Harry Potter.”

And, in the blue corner, we have the reigning RB vs. MR world champion…Running Buddy!

Running Buddy has been running since she was 15 years old. Her favorite event is the 3,000m (or 3,200m). She ran for a small Division I school and following a brief retirement returned to the running scene in 2008 for some road races. In 2009 she completed the Kentucky Derby Marathon, her first and probably last attempt at 26.2. She is currently experiencing a drought of motivation and hopes to pick running back up again in time for the race. Jack, her dog, is her loyal running companion and training coach. After the July Duel, Running Buddy hopes MegaRunr will let her retire quietly from competitive running!

Plus / Minus
(+) Running Buddy’s key strengths are her speed and ability to enter a time warp as soon as her feet touch the track. It won’t matter that she hasn’t raced on the track in 3 years…her legs remember, and they are waiting for the opportunity to shine.

(-) RB’s biggest weakness is that she’s not married to Scott. Although Jack is a loyal companion, he doesn’t have much experience with (human) distance running or coaching distance runners.

Personal Records
800m –  2:28
1500m – 4:51
3000m – 10:28
5,000m – 18:26
10,000m – 38:41
Marathon –  4:14

Duel Goals
Time – 13:30
Misc. – To win the duel and make Megan read “Harry Potter!”


4 responses

  1. I’m sorry, I must not be taking good enough notes…can you please remind me how long the race is going to be and when? I know, I’m a terrible blog stalker.

    Also, RB, you can’t stop running, Megs won’t let you and I’d be bummed and since you know, we’ve never met, you’d hate to let me down right?

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