On Gratitude, or…It Could Always Be Worse

I’m  not sure how much of this whining has been internal, but you may have heard/read me complaining about summer and longing for the return of fall. Or winter. We all know how much I love running in a cold rain, and it doesn’t look like I’ll get the opportunity for months and months. So sad. Instead, I get…summer. The time of sweat and mosquitos. I’ve made a few halfhearted attempts to talk myself into enjoying the season, but the truth is I’ve been more than a little discontented with the whole thing.

Well. I have now been to Florida in July, and I’ve changed my mind. I will TAKE a South Carolina summer and be grateful for it, folks. Holy cow. I thought this was bad? It was 102* at 9:30 at night! The TV said the humidity was at 87%! When I walked out of the house/car wearing glasses, they fogged over immediately. What is that? And then, when we got home at 6:00 last night, I stepped out of the car and said, “wow,  Scott, this feels so much better.” I’m going to have to watch myself and try not to complain about this quite so much. It could always be worse.


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