You Spin Me Right ‘Round

The Monday evening spin classes continue. Scott  has started attending with me, which is good on a couple of levels. First, with him beside me I’m less likely to take an unnecessary “slow down” break. I can’t slack off in front of “coach”! Additionally, I’d been begging him to come and experience spin for my own sick satisfaction. Scott has a road bike, and I was curious to see if (not to mention hoping desperately that) he would find  the workout nearly as challenging as I do. I didn’t feel like I was getting quite enough credit for a cross training session that is surely more strenuous than a little jog in the pool!

So a few Mondays ago he went, and I was disappointed to see a substitute instructor. Drat! We still got a good workout, but as I told Scott afterwards, the regular instructor is tougher. She must have been on vacation, because she wasn’t there the next time, either.

Last Monday, however, she returned…yes, she of the motivational speeches. I was thrilled that Scott would finally get a chance to experience her spin class. After we left , I said, “well?” He responded, “yeah, that was tough.” Yes!

This week was more of the same…with the exception that a larger class size made her seek out a greater number of “woos” to her motivational speech. When only a smattering greeted her “and how’s everyone feeling?” after a particularly hard interval, she actually threatened to start the workout over if we couldn’t demonstrate the proper amount of excitement. (Do you think she’s somehow read my blog and decided to turn me into a “woo girl”? Probably not, but that’d be kind of funny!) I refused to “woo,” and  Scott was notably silent as well (Attaboy, Husband! Thanks for the solidarity!), but she eventually received a satisfactory response.

The past two classes, I’ve been amused by what I see as her resemblance to Terry Tate, Office Linebacker. Does everyone remember the commercials? If not, follow this link. Now, the spin instructor doesn’t run around tackling people for forgetting to wipe down their bikes or anything, but she combines a tough-as-nails, drill instructor persona during the class with her actual, sweet as pie personality anytime else. Occasionally, we’ll be in the middle of an interval when someone new will walk in and you can see an interesting  juxtaposition of the two. “CAN YOU ADD ONE CLICK MORE? I THINK YOU CAN! KEEP THAT PACE UP, I DON’T WANT TO SEE ANY SLACKING TODAY!” Door opens, newbie enters. “Hi, there! Good to see you!” It reminds me of the Terry Tate commercial…and I just crack up. You’ll see what I’m talking about around 24 seconds into the video. Good times.


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