Yesterday was my birthday. Hooray! I’m getting to the point where birthdays shouldn’t be such a big deal anymore, but with my surprise party last year and a really terrific day yesterday, I have to admit that I’m not at the point of getting depressed by the mark of “another year older” just yet. 🙂

My really terrific day began with a birthday donut. My sweet husband had gone to Dunkin Donuts while I was out running and left a tasty breakfast for me to discover when I returned. Cue the “awwwwww.” Then, on my way to work, a co-worker texted me: “do you like caramel?” Yes… “How about walnuts?” Sure…um…kind of a weird text message for 7:00am, don’t you think? He brought “turtle” brownies to work in honor of the day. Later on, another co-worker bought me a smoothie from the coffee shop next door. My funny brother wrote me a birthday poem, AND because it was Wednesday I got to enjoy a half price margarita at Arizona during my birthday dinner. Sweet!

Yes, thanks to the birthday donut, brownies, smoothie, margarita, and key lime pie, my naive little goal to “eat healthier” and “consume less junk food” took a big hit yesterday. Tehe.

I now have a pretty, non-broken watch (yay!) courtesy of Scott. It’s an Ironman. It’s sort of blue/gray and may be the same one that Running Buddy has but she already gave me permission to copy her. Then, as a complete and fun surprise, he signed me up to “own” part of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. We saw this a couple of years ago and got a big kick out of it…as a fundraiser, they’ll assign a portion of the trail as “yours” based on GPS coordinates for some sort of fee. It’s a neat way to raise money for a trail that I am eagerly awaiting the completion of. So…out by Furman? After you’ve passed Foothills Rd on the way to Travelers Rest and immediately after you go under a bridge? For a few yards it’s mine, and I have a cute little sign with some numbers on it to prove it. Great fun!


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  1. Yea!! Happy Birthday. 27 seems old to me, friend, I’m sorry, but it does. Wonderful gifts all around. I was hoping Scott would get you a Garmin even though it would look rediculous on your tiny wrist! 🙂 Owning a portion of the trail is sweet!

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