Because I know that Y care about my I.

Well, that looks strange.

You may have noticed a lack of track workout whining/recaps in the past couple of weeks. (And I’m sure you’ve missed it oh-so-much!) That is due to the fact that I…um…I haven’t been going to track practice. I began to notice a pattern in the workouts…they began with a standard ladder (400-800-1200) but the fourth interval grew progressively longer each week. When it went from 1600 to 2000 I was perplexed. 2000? That’s not really part of “speed” work, is it? When the email for the subsequent workout was topped with a 2400, I got it. They’re going to be increasing the interval every week until the final All Comers Summer Track Meet. Next it’ll be 2800, and then they may even get around to running the entire two miles as part of a track workout. Ew. No thanks. That’s not precisely my cup of tea…actually, I don’t even like tea. Let’s say it’s not precisely my cup of strawberry lemonade. I’ve had PLENTY of practice running 8 laps around the track. If I’m going to run two miles at a sustained speed, I’d personally prefer to get out on the road and call it a tempo run.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. Or rather, I’ve been alternating between tempo runs and fartleks. Either way, I’ve been getting in some speedwork in preparation for the duel, don’t you worry. This morning, it was the iPod Shuffle Fartlek, which is fun in a suspenseful kind of way. After a mile warm-up, I switch between “easy” and “speedy” intervals with each song change. The only rule is that I’m not allowed to skip songs…I’m completely at the mercy of the shuffle. Without fail, my “speed up” song is some neverending techno number and my “easy” song is excrutiatingly short. It makes for a good workout, and not knowing how long the next interval will be always makes things interesting.

I’ll probably get back to the track eventually — I do miss talking to everyone, that’s for sure! — but it’ll have to wait until the “prepping for the track meet” madness dies down.


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