Search Engine Fun Re-Re-Re-Visited

It’s been awhile, but I’ve been seeing some fun search engine terms fly by and I wanted to capture them.

  • Swamp Rabbit Trail / Swamp Rabbit Tram Trail / Swamp Rabbit Map
    For the first time in the history of my blog, there is a more popular search than “running ads.” (That search term most likely leads to this post, which confesses my interest in commercials and marketing.)  That search is “swamp rabbit trail,” which has led just over an Internet-searcher per day to my blog in the last month. I plugged this search into Google out of sheer nosy-ness and discovered that my little Swamp Rabbit: Part 2 of Some post was in the top five listings. Wow. That’s pretty cool…and pretty humbling.
  • 15k Trail Race July 3
    Hmm…a bit late to be responding to this one. Hope you did great! There’s an XTERRA Series Trail Race at Paris Mountain on August 8. It’s a 7k. I might be running it if Scott wants to.
  • “font” “my charming kids” “blog”
    I tried to ferret this one out. I really did. I opened up Suitcase and scanned through all of my “informal script” and “informal” fonts, but I came up with nada. Zip. Zilch. You should maybe head over to McKmama’s blog yourself…she’d probably tell you. She seems like the type of person who likes to share.
  • Where to Start Swamp Rabbit Trail
    See the link to “Part 2” above…it sort of depends on where you want to run. In the Furman/Travelers Rest area, there’s a small parking lot off of Duncan Chapel Rd (near the softball field) dedicated to the trail. Start here, head towards Furman, and you have about 4.5 miles of running ahead of you. (I wouldn’t recommend going the other way…as far as I know, there’s less than a mile with the gravel cleared out not to mention the fact that it’s not officially open yet so none of the bridges have been repaired. Scary!) In downtown Greenville, aim for Cleveland Park. These two sections DO NOT CONNECT.
  • Runners Spandex Underwear
    This reminds of the time when I was in college and we were running on the trails in a certain park. The gals went one way and the guys another. Coach was walking the trails somewhere but didn’t often cross our path. As we climbed a hill, we heard the fellas approaching. “Wow, they are loud,” someone said as we listened to their boisterous approach. We crested the hill and were astounded by a retina-burning sight: at some point during the run, the guys had decided that clothes were optional. It was whitey-tighties only. Egad. In the fraction of a second that shock prevented me from averting my eyes, I had time for two thoughts: (1) wow, they are scrawny and (2) is that guy wearing spandex? One of the guys, it is true, was wearing black briefs…I later heard him telling one of the other girls that they were Under Armour. Wow. That’s got to be some expensive undies. Just saying.
  • Tripping Over Boxes
    Hmph. There’s a whole series of “tripping over _____” that finds MeganRunning. Just a not-so-subtle reminder that I am a klutz. An even less subtle reminder is having to wonder if I had broken my elbow attempting to shut my car door this weekend. The answer is NO, I did not…but I did hit the “funny bone” hard enough to make my hand go numb and make the joint swell up. That, my friends, is spectacular talent. A much younger MegaRunr had the fortune to get her hand shut in nearly every type of car door ever made. Truck? Sure. Regular car? Sure. Sliding van door? Oh, my yes…and it was seriously unpleasant.

2 responses

  1. As I’m getting ready to leave a comment I see you’ve posted again. Guess I’ll have to read that one too and see if I need to comment.

    You really lost me on that whole suitcase, informal script action. Don’t try to explain. It’s way too above my head. I was just happy I could tell someone how to put a link in blogger this morning. Whew! Just remember you’re smarter than us all! 🙂

  2. That’s ok. You lose me when you talk about food-borne illnesses in ultra-technical terms. We’re all smart in different ways.

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