It’s Not the Banjos that are Dueling!

Do you know what tomorrow is? Are you excited? Oh, I hope so.

After much anticipation and (depending on which of us you talk to) quite a bit of training, Running Buddy and I will be heading to Furman University tomorrow evening for THE DUEL. One on one. Woman-o a woman-o. Goody!

I had one last track workout in preparation for THE DUEL, and it was a bit of a reality check. Heretofore, I had been planning on running 95 seconds per lap, which equates to a 6:20 mile and 12:40 two-mile. A laudable goal, and a whole minute and a half faster than my effort a year before. I decided to do a quick 400m workout, and the first rep required me to redefine the word “quick.” That dreadful quarter was a 95, which isn’t a big problem…the problem lies in the fact that it felt ALL OUT. Yikes. Ouch. Hmm. Now what? I took my 90 seconds rest and set off for another circuit of the oval. The second was 92, which felt comparatively better. The rest of the workout, of course, featured agradual increase in lactic acid and a gradual slowing of each rep.

The new goal pace? 97 if it’s reasonable, 1:40 if it’s Florida hot. Everyone happy? I’m happy. RB, you happy? I didn’t hear RB clearly, as her house is about 20 miles away from mine, but I’m pretty she said that she’ll be happy when this is all over and she can retire quietly. Don’t underestimate the Running Buddy, though…I believe she’s trying to lull me into a complacency and then strike like a cobra. Quick and deadly. She’s also been telling me that she hasn’t been running very much…another of her games, I do declare. She’s a tricky one, that Running Buddy. Like I said, don’t underestimate her. I sure don’t plan to.

I do plan to wear the “marathon outfit” and my racing flats. I also plan to eat a kashi bar and a banana at 5:30 to tide me over until after the race. I’m planning to have a fun 13-ish minutes. I’m hoping to run negative splits, and I’m hoping that if RB truly hasn’t been running much that I’ll be able to squeak by with  a win.

And that’s my Tuesday. My duel. More to come…


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