In Which I Rant and Rave and Whine Aimlessly

Dear Wrong-of-Way Drivers:

I know this is confusing, but if you’re in the left turn lane and  you see a green light but NOT a green arrow, you are obligated to yield to oncoming traffic. Yes, even if said traffic is coming out of a subdivision. Your quest to get to the interstate is not more important than their trip to Lowe’s. Any exasperated and/or unfriendly gestures on your part do not change this fact. Please consult your driving manual for more information.


Ever since they put in that turn signal on one side of our intersection, it’s been trouble. There have been a number of wrecks there this year, and I know exactly why — every time I’m trying to go straight through the intersection I have to play a game of chicken with a left-turner. Bah.

Dear NBC:

I would appreciate more coverage of the distance events at the World Championship. I know that there’s an unspoken (heck, maybe it’s spoken) rule about only showing snippets of the FINALS of distance events, but I’d just like to let you know that there are those who are just as interested in the women’s 800m prelims as the women’s 100m semis. In fact, I would much rather see ANY event for the first time than replays of the men’s 100m semis, Gay’s World Championship finish from last year, or Bolt’s Beijing performance. Gay/Bolt/Powell all making the finals was an exciting match-up, but there are other events to cover.


I watched the two-hour coverage of the World Championships yesterday, and I have a suspicion that I spent more time watching the build-up for a 10 second race than any other event on the track. Don’t get me wrong — it was an amazing match-up, a record-setting performance, and I’m glad I got a chance to watch it. It’s just that I could have done without the warm-ups, previous performances, and such.

It cracked me up when one of the announcers said, as the sprinters were sitting near the start, comething like, “You have to wonder what’s going through their minds…here they are, at one of the biggest races of their careers, having to wait for the heptathlon women to slowly finish a victory lap.” Give me a break, Mr. Announcer. They realize what you obviously don’t — theirs is one of many, many events. I’m sure they’re used to waiting their turn. Blech.

Dear August:

You suck.


Um, why yes, I’m in a great mood this morning. Sunshine and happiness all around. Why do you ask? Okokok, I can’t lie to you. I have a serious attitude problem. I’d like to blame August, but that’s a little silly. It’s mostly the result of being frustrated with my unmotivated self. I think I’m going to recycle DeAnna’s half marathon plan. I could tell you that it’s to help encourage her — a virtual training partner, if you will — but there I go trying to lie again. It’s really for me. I need some tiny squares to fill in or I can’t be trusted to actually run, and D’s halfer plan will do the job. ME and I are planning to run in Spinx, so it’ll help prep me for that and for marathon training. October can’t get here soon enough!

Oh, and I’m ending the Once a Runner giveaway on Sunday, August 23. Comment on the Book Reviews post before then to get your name in the running!


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