Just Because I Don’t Get It Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Cool

My commute to work is often filled with culture. No, really! They hang different banners from the streetlights downtown and since I don’t watch much non-netflix TV at the moment…this is how I get news. Ooh, hey, Artisphere is this weekend. Fall for Greenville? Already? Good to know!

For the first time, the banners are telling me something I already knew: the USA Cycling Pro Championships are coming to town. The time trials are August 29th at the Millenium/ICAR campus and the race itself is August 30th in downtown Greenville. Amateurs can ride the pro’s course before the actual race begins in the Stars and Stripes challenge. You can find a bunch of other information about times and such on their website: http://www.usacyclingchampionships.com/.

My awareness of this event is due entirely to Scott’s enthusiasm for road biking. Personally, I don’t get it. I’m too much of a chicken to trust the narrow little tires, my coordination, or people in cars. No way. Scott, however, LOVES it. He participated in the Stars and Stripes Challenge last year and had a blast.

Me, I’ll stick with the bikes that don’t move. However, the Championships are a neat event for Greenville and sound like something for everyone — the chickens (like me!) can watch and the courageous can ride.


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  1. He’s considering a duathlon (run-bike-run). There’s this thing called swimming, and neither of us is very good at it. Little Brother did a sprint tri in June, though.

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