It is the Deep Breath Before the Plunge

We watched all three “Lord of the Rings” movies a couple of weekends ago (Sidenote: Why would we do this? Because we’re watching our  movies in alphabetical order, of course!) That’s a quote, right? In the third movie, in Gondor, right before the armies of Mordor attack, Gandalf is trying to console a frightened Pippin. I think I’m right. I also think that I’m a DORK.

Anyway. I’ve been walking and walk-jogging this week in preparation for my “plunge” back into running. I have successfully avoided August, but I am aware that it may have the last laugh as I spend September struggling to get back into shape once again. I’m also aware that the end of August does not mean the start of Fall…I’m sure there will still be some 90* and/or ridiculously humid days to contend with. Nevertheless, I’m giddy with anticipation.

My September training is going to mirror my friend D’s. She begins her 12-week half marathon (or half mary, as she tends to call it) program on Monday, so I’m jumping in as a virtual running buddy. In addition, I’m starting to feel like I’m losing the right to give her advice since her mileage is higher than mine…AND I have a half marathon of my own at the end of October…AND marathon training begins on October 11…AND I don’t really feel like myself when I’m run-less….all fantastic reasons to start running again.

I signed up for Spinx on Tuesday. Marathon Expert has already registered and our long run for that week is 13 miles so it works out perfectly. (The second early registration deadline is August 31, so sign up this week if you want to avoid paying a little more!) In other news, Spinx happens to fall on Halloween this year. I am accepting costume ideas.

Six weeks away from marathon training. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not. Excited to be getting in better and better shape, of course…already imagining being bored senseless around week 13 or so. Longing to scoff at an 11-mile run once more, slightly frightened at the thought of devoting another four months of my life to four(ish) hours of running and (hopefully) a finisher’s medal. Looking forward to more rainy, Saturday long runs with Marathon Expert, saddened at the thought of running these miles on a PAVED Swamp Rabbit trail…and not so much looking forward to the smell of the American Restaruant at mile 7.

It’s nice to have something to train for…I think. 🙂


4 responses

  1. Yea! And I think you should go as a college runner and wear buns for your costume! 🙂 You msut still have them, right? I mean who would ever get rid of them?

    Or you could go as someone from the Lord of the Rings. I never saw ’em so I can’t suggest who, just someone.

  2. You and those buns! You know, they were never that much fun to wear…and it’d be anything but fun now! Tell you what, I’ll wear buns for my half marathon if you do in yours. At the end of November. In Kansas. Deal? Deal.

  3. I know, I just can’t let the buns go! And no deal on the wearing of buns. I looked at photos from the race last year and EVERYONE is wearing hats, gloves, and long sleeved shirts even at the end of the race. Everyone except the female winner of the half. She was wearing a sports bra and tiny shorts. And her abs were amazing. I probably should have checked out the person who got last not the person who got first cause it was intimidating!

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