Goodbye, August!

Welcome to September! I ran today. Three miles, because that corresponds with my friend D’s half marathon training plan. (Technically, she ran 3 miles yesterday and has yoga today…but Monday is Spin Day in Megan Land so I switched the days. Must I be so specific? Is this a trifle overkill? Probably, but there you go.)

As I got started, I had an optimistic goal: I will run the whole way. I thought to myself, “Ok, you’ve had your little week of walk/jogging, but let’s not make that a habit, ok? It’s time to get back to running.”

Ok. So…awaaaaaay I go! Two steps outside of the house, it starts raining. To the house! Back to the house I go, to protect the ipod nano from drowning. As I removed the sensor, I thought — NO! D and I have a “team” on Nike+ where we can stalk each other’s training. I have entered my proposed training plan through October 11…do I want Nike+ mistakenly telling the world that I’m already a day behind? After one day of training?

No, I did not. The ipod is consigned to a plastic bag, and I’m on the road again. At 1 mile in, I think, “this is the farthest I’ve run at one time in a month.” At mile 1.5 I think, “no problem! I can finish 3 silly  miles!”

At mile 1.75, massive stomach cramps brought me to a screeching (ok, “screeching” implies a velocity that I cannot at this point attain, but you get the picture) halt. Hmm…perhaps this has something to do with the fact that I ate a pop tart for dinner at 8:30 last night? (Sidenote: Yes, I did. I ate a pop tart and played Lego Batman until bedtime. How old am I?) Nooooo, the pop tart would never betray me like that!

I walked about a quarter of a mile before restarting and finishing my run. Three miles, and I have a virtual witness. D, could you tell the nice Internet people that I ran/walked 3 miles this morning? You’re a peach. A true peach.

So…goodbye, August! I’d say I miss you, but that’s a lie. Hello, September! Please be kind as I try to run again…


2 responses

  1. What’s funny is that when I was run-stalking you this morning it said you were at 0% complete but clearly there was a run completed so I was confused. Then I clicked back out and it said you were 1% complete. I must have been stalking while it was updating. That’s true stalkerism. Stalkerness? I don’t know.

    Pop tarts? Really? Megan, megan, megan! 🙂

  2. A fantastic display of stalkericity. I tried to make up for it yesterday — dinner last night was chicken with this tomato and mushroom and red pepper sauce. It was good…and the dishes are still waiting to be cleaned up. 🙂

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