Sometimes, the Only Ideas that Come at 6am are Bad Ones

I went running yesterday morning. I was greatly surprised to find myself actually sitting on the front step tying my shoes instead of smacking the snooze button one…last…time. It was a peaceful almostfall morning, and I felt nearly at one with nature as I laced up my slightly worn Mizunos. Ahhhhhh…it is good to be alive.

And then, I noticed a palmetto bug (there’s another Southernism…COCKROACH) scurrying along the sidewalk to my left. As fate would have it, my left shoe was already on. I picked up my foot and prepared for battle…so much for communing with  nature…SMACK!

I completely missed. Relying on quick reflexes at such an early hour so soon after waking up was not the best idea I’ve ever had. My premeditated attempt at violence succeeding only in redirecting the beastie’s course…in the general direction of my perch on the front step. Let it be said that our “front step” is really a mini-step. A half-step. It is as tall as a standard brick is wide, so when I sit there the back portion of my shorts rests on the ground. In the portion of a second between my misdelivered SMACK and the redirected scurry, I had but one mental picture…that nasty bug finding the edge of my shorts and climbing right up.

Blah! Eek! Shuuuuuuuudder! I leapt from the front step and hopped away as quickly as possible…shrieking and waving one shoe as I went. Crisis averted…and a charming wake-up call for the neighbors besides. That’s just the way I start my day.

But, on a positive note, I went for a run and finished two miles without walking. It felt fairly decent, which may have had something to do with my pre-run adrenaline boost, and I have every intention of getting out there again this afternoon.


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