This Post Has Nothing to Do With Running

Does anyone else find it bizarre that Hardee’s has a commercial for their “scratch made” biscuits detailing how much better it is to have a fresh biscuit, made by one person with love and devotion…and then at the end of the commercial it says: NOW AVAILABLE WITH BOLOGNA.

Bologna? That doesn’t seem right. Why am I eating bologna for breakfast? And why am I eating bologna with this “scratch made,” darn-near-gourmet biscuit they’ve been touting for the last two minutes? And why is bologna spelled the way it is and not pronounced bow-log-na?

I don’t get it. I also don’t get the phrase “scratch made.” I’m pretty sure it’s some marketing attempt to trick me into believing that every biscuit that comes out of the fast food industry is made from scratch. But when all the restaurants are claiming the same thing — not to have frozen, machine-made biscuits like those other places — it just makes me wonder if “scratch made” means that they “scratch” the package with a knife to prepare to reheat their machine-made, frozen biscuits.


4 responses

  1. -bow-log-na Thats actually how Polish people pronounce this. My great grandfather was Polish.

    – Scratch made is a southern thing. Goes back to old ladies in the kitchen throwing together a bunch of scraps and making decent meal out of them.

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