A Not Me! (Rainy) Monday

According to the news, my little area of the south has recieved “no” rain in comparison to others. It makes me feel sorry for northeast Georgia and southwest North Carolina, because around here it’s been nothing but gray skies and varying degrees of precipitation for the past 5 days…and that doesn’t even make the cut! Wowee.

I am not admitting to any of the following actions in my rain-filled week.

  • On Thursday, I did NOT lazily cleverly avoid running by promising myself a little DDR cross training instead. That’s a valid subsitution, right? I did NOT then avoid playing DDR on the pretense that the house was too warm. And of course, the valid substitution for any physical activity whatsoever was positively NOT sitting on the couch playing Lego Batman. No way. Not me!
  • I am NOT fairly disappointed that after its promising start, September has decided to imitate August more than October. I do NOT find myself scowling at humidity and I did NOT mutter something uncomplimentary and a little unladylike at the TV when the extended forecast showed highs in the upper 80’s later this week. A personal grudge against the weater? That’s just silly.
  • I did NOT send my brother a care package containing: (1) Propel and Crystal Light drink mixes to help him have a flavored but less sugary drink option and (2) Two dozen n0-bake cookies. I am always a good influence and never, ever the source of mixed messages.
  • The two dozen no-bake cookies were NOT payoff for him mailing a book to DeAnna for me. I never sink to bribery in order to get my way. Nosirree.
  • Upon discovering that the promotional video for our gym features a (2 second) close-up of my face while attempting my first spin class (remember? After the class, they requested we all sign model release forms), I did NOT think, “wow, physical evidence of me getting exercise. Excellent,” when the more obvious response would be, “Yikes, you look sweaty and disgusting.” Eh.  

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