I am a Serious Runner

The “Running Times” marketing coordinator tells me so. This morning, I received an email offering me a trial issue of “Running Times,” which just so happens to be dedicated to serious runners like me…those running “at the front of the pack.” Snort. Chuckle. Um, guys. I’m not sure how you got my email address, but you’re soliciting part of the contingent of the GREAT MIDDLE. You won’t find a “front runner” here! And don’t think I don’t know that you’re published by the same company as a certain other running magazine whose name I won’t mention. A little flattery is not enough to overturn the boycott.

In other news…I miss running with my “buddies” — Running Buddy is taking a well-earned vacation from running and Marathon Expert has been abducted by graduate school. We can still run together on the weekends, of course, but during the week I’m on my own. I am discovering that, when left to my own devices, the results are slightly unimpressive.

However, the impending doom (I mean that in the most cheerful way possible) of marathon training is doing what crazy plans and mental kicks to the behind could not. Despite the warm temperatures and moisture-laden air, I’ve been getting a daily run in. I may be prouder of this accomplishment than I should be, but I’ll take the successes in whatever form they come.

I’ve also been continuing to wean myself from junky sugar in an occasional, haphazard way. I can’t claim any real success with this initiative…there’s not really a plan in place, so some weeks I make reasonably good choices and some weeks I can’t resist the siren call of the chewy Sprees. I have discovered some organic juices that are out of this world. Yum! I’ve also discovered that there’s extra sugar in flavored yogurt for a reason. I experimented with buying “plain all natural” yogurt and adding my own sliced strawberries. What a great idea! What a horrible, horrible taste. Yuuuuuck. Perhaps plain yogurt is best reserved for cooking or smoothies…you know, times when the preparation process completely eliminates the original taste. Lesson learned.

My brother phoned to tell me that he received his cookies yesterday, and that they arrived all in one piece. “Well, it’d be ok if they were crumbled,” I said, “I think they’d make a good cereal.” Looks like I may have a few more lessons to learn…


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