Welcome, Cold Front!

By all means, make yourself at home. I cheerfully welcome your 50-degree lows and crisp breezes. I thank you for the opportunity to turn the air conditioner off and open the windows. It’s going to be great to finally let in some fresh air and watch the cats dash from window to window in an attempt to experience all of the “sniffs.”

Contented sigh.

Guess what, guys? It’s going to be a nice week. The midwest is sending us a cold front, for which I am (as you can probably tell) supremely grateful. I’m going to try ride the coattails of this weather-induced cheerfulness to a more positive outlook this week. One major obstacle to enduring optimism is that I find much more to blog about as a whiner. A second obstacle is what Scott is calling the Terminator Eye.

I awoke Saturday morning to discover that I had broken a blood vessel in my eye. I’m preferring to think that this is somehow work-related and that I have, literally, read until my eyes bled. In all actuality, I  probably sneezed or coughed or poked myself in the stupid eye while asleep. Not quite as good a story, but there you go. Scott researched the freakish-looking eye on WebMD and discovered that it’s basically the ocular equivalent of a bruise and will go away on its own in a week or two.

Once the duties of a caring husband had been satisfied, Scott turned to movie quotes in an attempt to inject some humor into the situation.

While I was moaning about how ugly I looked: “Now, honey. We like the way you look. Normally you look real pretty. It’s just that you don’t right now.”

When I told him that everyone was staring at my eye: “Why would anyone be looking at that weird, weird eye?”

There were a couple of others, but I can’t remember them now. I will, however, award Megarunr Super Cool Points to whoever can identify the other two movies from the (butchered) quotes above.


5 responses

  1. No clue on the movie clues but I feel your pain about the “ugly eye!” I had a stinking stye for like 2 months straight and it was AWFUL.

    My solution? Wear sunglasses a lot!


  2. I knew you could sympathize, Audrey. Did your stye finally go away? I hope so!

    My strategy today is to wear a bright red shirt. I like to think that it calls attention away from the bright red eye. “Wow, that’s a weird eye….hey, nice shirt!” Why, thank you. 🙂

  3. No clue on the movies, but it did remind me of a scene in Wayne’s World 2 where they are dealing with the guy who has an albino eye.
    “Of course we will remember to cross our T’s and Dot our……….lower case J’s”

  4. Ding ding ding! It is from Wayne’s World 2, although IMDB says that the actual quote is, “Why would we want to look at your eye? Is there something wrong with that… weird… eye?”

    Eh, close enough. I’ve never had much of an eye for details. (Hahahahahahaha…)

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