Unfinished Business

I’ve been looking for the off switch to my slacker mode, and I believe I have not only found it but determinedly switched the sucker to “off.” I have a bit of unfinished business to take care of and now is the time to get serious.

Ok, so it’s actually NEXT week that marks the official start to marathon training. But I gave myself goose bumps up in that first paragraph…I sound so dedicated and focused. Ooh. Shiver. Despite what my recent puny mileage and lack of actual running posts (to what is supposed to be a running blog) might tell you, I am actually very serious about my 26.2 goal. I don’t want to fail again. I want to cross the finish line in Myrtle Beach.

I think about Louisville often…trying to figure out what went wrong so I can make sure not to do it again. As near as I can tell, I made three mistakes. First, I signed up for a mid-spring marathon when I hate running in the heat. This wasn’t real bright, and I paid for it when race day turned out to be the first warm day of the season so I had no time to acclimate.

Second, I went out aggressively even though it was my first marathon and the high temperature for the day approached 90*. That was even less bright. I know better and I should have been more patient.

Third, I underestimated the distance. This is probably the stupidest thing I could have done because I’d never run over 20 miles before; however, I felt so good at the beginning that I let myself get caught up in the excitement and crowds, assuming that each mile would feel as good as the first 9.

I’m doing my best to learn from these mistakes. I know that February in Myrtle Beach has a chance of being warmer than I’d like, but the odds are more in my favor than for late April in Louisville. I’m trying to channel my friend the turtle — I want my training to be patient and consistent. I’m also increasing my longest long run to 22 miles. I think it might help psychologically to get accustomed to a little more discomfort before the big day.

That’s the plan, at least. Then, hopefully I’ll be able to take care of that piece of unfinished business.

In other unfinished business:

  • My disgusting Terminator Eye is starting to heal. Now, the red is primarily an outline for the iris on my left eye. Sort of like a scar, which I think looks pretty tough. You want to mess with me? I’m not afraid to take you out…with my eye. Yeah.
  • The movie sorta-quotes were from Wayne’s World 2 (congrats, Kyle!) and Overboard.
  • I got awesome tickets to Wicked, which will be in Greenville in January/February. This has nothing to do with anything, but they’re really, really good seats and I just wanted to share. Yay!

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