Week 1

When you squirt soap from a dispenser, does it ever — just for a minute — look like a slug to you? Hmm, must just be me. This week, I thought one of the cats was playing with a pen. There had been a pen on the table, and you know how cats are…anything small and movable must find its way to the floor. When the second cat joined the first, however, I knew there was something else going on. That something — a slug. On the kitchen rug. A slug on a rug — blug!

Random encounters with rug slugs aside, I **love** fall. (The two asterisks let you know that that’s true. :)) It’s been gloomy and rainy all week, but I can’t think of a better start for marathon training. Saturday morning, the day of my first long run with Marathon Expert, Scott broke the news that it was about 45 degrees and raining. Well, I said. Of course it is. What better way to pick up right where I left off? How many long runs did RB, ME, and I run the Swamp Rabbit Trail in the rain while prepping for Louisville? A lot, that’s for certain. Enough to make my shoes reek and inspire me to always leave a spare shirt, pair of sweats, and towel in my car.

I met ME at Furman, and we set off for our 8 miles. I was quite nervous about this…we all know that I haven’t trained much since August, and the last time I ran for more than hour at one time was…um…it was…April? Oh, boy. And then there’s the fact that I had (spontaneously? optimistically? foolishly?) signed myself up for a half marathon in 2 weeks. Oh, boy. You can see why I’m a little nervous.

I was pleasantly surprised. For one thing, it was raining more at home than it was in Furman. Not enough to be entirely wet and miserable. Even more surprising, eight miles actually felt…really good. I didn’t see that one coming! Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s runs felt much, much worse. Almost like a conscious effort was required for each and every step. Saturday’s long run, by comparison, was like skipping through a field of daisies.

Of course, it won’t always be this easy. You don’t have to tell me. I’ve been there before. For the first long run of the marathon season, however, it makes me very happy. It gives me hope.


3 responses

  1. Woohoo! I heart fall as well…too bad KS decided to skip fall and go straight to winter this year! It’s too cold already, I’m annoyed. But excellent work on the 8…it’s all uh…uphill from here! Dangit!

  2. Way to get started. Sunday was a good day for a run!

    Going to DC for the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend. I’ll be looking forward to being done, one way or another and reading about your training instead of doing it myself!

    I like your timing, my last really long run was still in 65 degree weather a couple of weeks ago. Hoping for a cold snap on Sunday in DC!

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