Spooky Spinx

The Spinx Runfest was on Halloween this year…and some of us took advantage:



Forrest Gump? Excellent use of the "running" theme. (We ended up beating him.)


The hot dog who OWNED US. Wow, she was fast!


Our favorite costumes...at first, we just thought it was people dressed as convicts. Nice effort, but having a "policeman" chase them was the icing on the cake. VERY impressive!



And our costumes? Based on "The Office." In Season 4, they hold a fundraiser 5k for rabies, "a disease that's already been cured." You...um...may need to have seen it to think it's funny. We think it's funny. 🙂

It was a nice day for running by Megan standards. Probably a little under 60 degrees with precipitation ranging from “mist” to “light rain” throughout. The Marathon Expert and I started out at a leisurely 9:20 pace…chatting and skipping over the first two water stations (and missing the 1 and 3 mile markers ENTIRELY. Not an easy accomplishment when the mile markers are 10-foot tall flags!).

At least 10 people recognized our t-shirts. It was fun to hear “nice shirts!” and get a laugh out of fellow runners and “The Office” fans. I proved that I have watched this episode ENTIRELY too many times by responding with quotes.

ME’s goal for the day was to finish without walking, while mine was to finish without throwing up. We managed to accomplish both goals, as I don’t believe walking 6 steps to drink a glass of water counts as a walk. It wasn’t the fastest time ever, but it was good fun and a good long run, which was all we ever intended it to be.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Congrats to all the other Spinx runners!




6 responses

  1. LOVE the shirts! I’ve watched that episode many, many times, too.

    I saw all the costumes you posted as well, but I didn’t see you! The whole police thing before the start was really cute, I thought.

  2. Thanks, Anne! 🙂 We were a little difficult to spot…unless you read the backs of our shirts, we blended in with the 2000 other runners in t-shirts.

  3. Man, sis, the pic looks awesome. Have you come and told people to come and see how good it looks? And then subsequently tell them how good your brother is at digging up pictures for you? No. No you have not. But I kind of just did. Yay.

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