Into the Wilderness…Again

You may remember a few months ago when I discovered the joys of volunteering. Well, another round of Paris Mountain Trail Runs has rolled around and I resumed my post as water station attendant in the wilderness. I even coerced Running Buddy into some chilly, early-morning volunteering as well.

We made a few changes this time around…in May, plenty of people wanted to know if we had Gatorade or just water. This time, they had that option. Although I must say that, as the Powerade hander outer, the preference was heavily weighted towards water. Midway through the race, I began crafting jingles in order to tempt runners into snagging a spiffy glass of blue stuff from me instead of the boring, ho-hum, oh-so-ordinary water from RB. What’s that? Handing out hydration isn’t a competition? It’s a good thing, because I would have LOST.

Speaking of lost, I was very thankful that a ranger helped us set up the water spot. If not, I would still be in the wilderness. (Sidenote: The good news is that there was a (sporadic) cell phone signal there, so I could have called Scott to rescue me. I can imagine that conversation now…”Where are you?” Um, on a trail. “Which trail?” I don’t know. There are trees. “That’s not very helpful…”) This time, the journey to our station required a very bumpy, very rugged 15-minute drive in a gator.

It seemed like everyone was having fun, and I only heard about one sprained ankle this go-around. That’s not too bad, considering the added hazard of leaves covering the other hazards on the trail.

In other news, if anyone gets a chance you should go leave a comment on my friend D’s blog. She’s the person I’ve been “coaching” to a first half marathon and she’s in her last 2 weeks of training. Despite a busy work schedule, she’s done a fantastic job of getting her mileage in and ran 12 miles this past weekend. It’s taper time now and she’s got the 13.1 IN THE BAG, but I’m sure she’d appreciate some encouraging words from others who’ve made the same journey.


6 responses

  1. Thank you for volunteering in such chilly conditions saturday! I’m sorry I didn’t help you win the race between water and powerade. You guys were a sight for sore eyes (and legs)!

  2. Thanks, Ashley! I have a lot of fun doing it. Runners are quite witty and friendly…even after climbing a mountain! Don’t worry about the Powerade (LOL)…if it was me, I would’ve gone for the water, too. 🙂

  3. Some encouraging words for D:

    “Give ’em hell, Rocky! Rip ’em to shreds! When you get down, I’m gonna be that little angel on your shoulder willin’ you to keep fightin’!”

    Some other encouraging words for D:

    “If you have fun and finish the race, I will give you $1,000,000*.”

    Final encouraging words for D:

    “Find joy in the pain.”

    Good luck!!!!


    *$1,000,000 payments not to be made in actuality or virtuality. If you think that virtuality isn’t a word and that there is perhaps a realm in which you will receive $1,000,000, please know that I just lack the vernacular to express all the dimensions in which you will NOT actually receive any money. However, if “money” = “1 hug” then you will likely be paid the next time I see you.

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