Well. Hello? It’s been quite awhile since I’ve set aside enough time to drum up a blog post. It seems like there ought to be a lot to write about after a 2+ week absence…is it an indicator of how mundane my life is that there isn’t much to report? Don’t answer that.

Let’s see here…Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I’m very excited. I managed to persuade my brother to come visit Scott and I instead of going home to Kansas for the family Thanksgiving, so we’re going to have a guest. Yay! Well worth the price of having the rest of the fam peeved at me for stealing lil’ brudder away from them. 🙂 I’m going to be attempting to cook a turkey breast again this year…for a small group a big bird doesn’t make sense and unlike some people, who even NAME their hapless victims, I sort of prefer what I’m cooking to not resemble too much the animal from which it came. Whole chicken or whole turkey just makes me sad. I also prefer to keep my hands out of everyone’s cavities. Blegh. Yesterday, I made my mom’s famous sugar cookies. They never turn out as pretty as hers, but at least they taste the same.

Last week, we traveled to Minnesota for a friend’s wedding. The groom was Scott’s best man in our wedding and Scott was a groomsman in his. It was gorgeous and romantic…AND they had a magician performing while we were waiting for the reception area to be set up. The only downside was that my Saturday long run was pushed to Sunday, so I had to go it alone.

Let me tell you, those 14 miles were an act of pure willpower. I was tired, and cranky, and sore..whether from wearing  heels or from all the travel, I’m not sure. 🙂 The weather decided to match my mood, so when I got out of my car at 8:51am at Furman it was windy and cold with a strong potential for rain. GRUMBLE. (As a cute aside, my friend D ran her half marathon on Sunday at 8:00am CST. I thought it was neat that we were running at exactly the same time. D finished the half AND accomplished 5 of her 6 goals. I’m so proud of her and more than a little amused that she’s already plotting her next half. She’s hooked!)

Inexplicably, several someones had drawn penises in chalk on the sidewalks closest to the cafeteria. I counted 9 such expressions of creativity before I gave up trying to think of a logical and non-obscene reason for them. (The winner of that mental game: testicular cancer awareness? No?) Weird. I looped around the lake a couple of times before heading up to Travelers Rest, only to discover that it is apparently annoying and crude graffiti day on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. At the scary abandoned something or other (warehouse?), some probably different someones had spraypainted such gems as swastikas, KKK, and BAMF. They also helpfully spelled out the final acronym for any of us who might not know what it means: Bad *** Mother ******. Charming.

Around mile 7, it starts raining. Of course. Around mile 10, I saw five groups of people walking their dogs in the wet/cold/wind. That is one reason why I am a cat person–cats can “do their business” without requiring my physical presence.

In other news, I registered for the marathon yesterday. I’ve been procrastinating in order to insure that I’m dedicated enough to keep up with the training as the long runs get closer…and closer…and closer to three hours. I think the next early registration cutoff is in early December, however, so my procrastination time was drawing to a close. I took that miserable, lonely, painful, wet 14-miler as a sufficient sign of mental toughness to warrant the shelling out of registration fee. Oh, boy.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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  1. You know if eating animals bothers you you could go vegetarian! Or even Vegan! 🙂 ha!

    Congrats on signing up for the race. I thought of you during my race a lot. I thought you must be one crazy mentally tough woman to keep at this thing. During the race I thought I’ll never do this again and wow Megan is tougher than me to attempt a FULL more than once. Now that it’s over of course I get it. And I too will be attempting my race again. Just to prove to it that it’s not better than me. 🙂

  2. Megan, FYI: That scary thing is the old Scott’s fertilizer plant, which is supposed to be demolished sometime soon. They just had environmental tests done on the site, which indicates to me that they may not be far from starting the demo on the building(s). It’s been an eyesore & a hazard for some time, even before the trail was opened. The recently-installed fence was supposed to keep the skate-punks out, but come on — you can clearly see where they have scaled & crawled under it!

    A couple of years ago when the trail was begun, my wife and I adopted a 100-ft. section of it. All I asked of the GCRD was that our section be somewhere in the vicinity of Furman. They sent us some placards that had the GPS coordinates on them, and when I looked them up on Google Earth, they were — guess what — smack in the middle of the Scott’s plant. Thanks, guys.

  3. So what marathon did you sign up for? I just signed up for Charlotte (Dec 12th). Not injured and have trained well (much more/faster than my last 2), but the hills up there will do me in and I am goign to try and not set a time goal. Finishing is always #1!

  4. D — Vegan. Hilarious. Where’s my cheeseburger?

    Mike — That’s some awesome trail real estate you “adopted.” LOL!

    Brian — Myrtle Beach all the way!

    Kyle — Woot!

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