Resolve…or, The Welcome Back Post (Part I)

Egad. Is it January 1? Really? Because that means, among other and far more important things, that I haven’t written a blog post in five weeks. I say again–egad. I’d apologize, but I doubt anyone’s really missed my rants and ramblings and besides…Google Reader will let you know when I post again. So…I’m sorry?

And now, the question is whether to write the biggest post known to Megan (complete with pictures, of course!) as I try to explain where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing for the past 35 days OR to milk this thing for all its worth.

In the spirit of milking it, here are some teasers:  the Caribbean, marathon training, loss, frostbite, reconciliation, steeplechase, and wine.

Hot dang. Want to read more? Well, that brings me to something that is quite fitting for this time of year. Resolutions.

  1. I resolve to run a marathon. No, for real this time. Didn’t you see that teaser about marathon training? Just wait until you hear about all this dedication I’ve found…and just in the nick of time…
  2. I resolve to stop drinking pop/soda/coke/whatever you call it. It’s not good for me and the caffeine keeps me up at night. In high school, I didn’t drink pop for two straight years. I don’t plan on going that far, but it would be nice to keep the intake down to the occasional cherry limeade as opposed to the daily Mountain Dew.
  3. I resolve to figure out what to call the new year. I really want to say “oh-ten,” but something’s telling me that is completely wrong. Can I say “oh-ten”? No? C’mon!
  4. I resolve to write one blog post a day for the first week of 2010. This is where those teasers will come in handy… 🙂

So, Happy New Year everyone! I promise that you’ll be seeing more of me in the future…er, I mean, I resolve…


3 responses

  1. I’m excited you’re back, I missed your rantings. I’m also excited about the teasers. Caribbean? Holla! And yea running a marathon. But you know which one I’m the happiest about right? Yep, the soda. woot woot!

  2. Robert — 2 bandwagons at once? That’s a tough one…even tougher if you don’t like running in cooler temperatures. It looks to be chilly this week!

    D — I thought you’d enjoy that. That’s about as healthy as it gets for me, though. Well, that and I’ve given up eating poptarts for dinner.

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