Marathon Reruns…or, Welcome Back (Part III)

I’m finding it much more difficult to write about Marathon Training 2.0. Seriously, I don’t think I have anything to offer besides reruns. Guess what? Megan is doing another Saturday long run. Oh, and you know what? It’s raining. Again. Yawn. Or, let’s discuss how much Megan dislikes having to “fuel” during a run. We’ve already talked about that, too? Drat. I’ve got one!…………nope, nope. That’s no good, either.

Fortunately, although I’ve found it tougher to blog about, this attempt has actually been much easier to accomplish. I think part of the reason is that I’m now a seasoned “marathon attempter.” Sure, I’ve yet to actually finish the distance, but there’s plenty of time to get nervous about that. I now know that I can finish 20 miles with no worse side effect than a craving for cheeseburgers. I’ve got all of my bathroom facilities staked out in preparation for that 7, 11, or 18 mile “rest stop.” I’ve mastered the fine art of water bottle carrying and I’ve found a “fuel” I can tolerate.

Now, for the “fess up” time…I haven’t been as diligent with weekly speed workouts and cross training sessions as I intended. However, to date I’ve only missed one long run–a 16-miler that fell on the day we were leaving for the cruise. The others, including a particularly miserable solo, rainy, puke-inducing 14-miler; a 17-mile shocker as my body tried to regain my “land legs” and deal with the abrupt switch from 90-degree heat to 30-degree nonheat; a 14-miler through snow drifts and in 8-degree temperatures; and this week’s 18-miler in 18 degrees, have been accomplished regardless of weather or inclination. Next week is my first long long run (20 miles) and in three weeks I’ll be running 22. This is a change-up from last year’s training, which I imagine will have greater psychological than physical benefits. The closer I can get to 26 in training, the more confident I’ll be. I hope.


5 responses

  1. I’d like to hear it all again. Seriously. Why do you hate mid run fueling so much? I like it. It’s something to look forward to, I get to eat! Yea! And what did you decide you can actually tolerate? And I think I could enjoy the treadmill a little more if I were overlooking the ocean…but I doubt I would have gotten on it.

  2. D — I will try to give you a post on the inner workings of my crazy mind once I’ve finished “catching up” Just remember…you asked for it!

    Brian — Myrtle Beach

  3. I’m training for that one too! Never done one this close to my last one before (2 months between them instead of the usual 5 or 6). Granted I’ve only done 4 (1st in 2001, 2nd in Nov 2008), but I usually do something really stupid the weekend following them – I played it smart this time!

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