Sold Out? What Is This, a Rock Concert?

I visited the Myrtle Beach Marathon website this morning because it seemed like a smart thing to do. Why? Well…I hadn’t been there for awhile. I wanted to see if there was any late-breaking news about a change in the course or more information about the types of refreshments available at aid stations. At the Kentucky Derby Marathon, I really liked that they handed out small water bottles instead of cups. It made it easier to carry and sip while running.

I didn’t find any of that, but I did learn something else — if you were still on the fence about maybe possibly perhaps signing up for the half or full marathon, you are going to either have to “Run Fatboy Run” it or wait until next year. Yessirree. The only remaining spots are reserved for those running for one of the official charities.

I’ve seen a couple of articles today debating whether or not the surge of “slow” runners into marathons is a good thing. Come on now, folks. I think it’s really cool! Granted, I wouldn’t want anyone to enter a marathon on a whim, unprepared for the toll it’s going to take on their body. That should go without saying. If you’ve never done any running before, it’s much safer (physically and mentally) to start small and work your way up. Trust me on this.

However, the fact that a marathon can sell out nearly two months beforehand simply amazes me. The majority of my conversations with people who find out that I run five days a week OR that I’m training for a marathon end with, “wow, I couldn’t run 26 steps!” “you couldn’t pay me to run that much,” or “ugh. I hate running. Let me tell you the 85 reasons that running is the most miserable activity on the planet.” I think about all of those encounters, and then I think about the 2,749 other registrants for the Myrtle Beach Marathon. I think that says something for us, don’t you? Maybe someday, the marathon will be the great American pasttime. Ok, maybe not. But at least I’m not the only crazy person out there running 20 miles on this cold weekend!


4 responses

  1. Hahahahaha…that’d be funny. No, I registered when there were still 300 spots left. (I did check the website to make sure that my registration had “taken.” No worries — the race is still on!)

  2. Hi,
    In case you could not get in and you really like the city, I am launching the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon in the fall. I previously founded the ING Miami Marathon and have plenty of experience putting on memorable events so that could be another choice for anyone looking for a half marathon in Myrtle Beach. Good luck to all running the Bilo Myrtle Beach Marathon and Half Marathon

  3. I registered with 120 spots left, a day after there were 240…alot can happen in those 2 months before the actual race, there should be a way to register if people forfeit their registration. I only did 18 today – had 2 more miles in me, but just didn’t do them. I feel ok about it though!

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