Yes We have No Bananas

I knew better, I really did. Putting off the weekly grocery run for the day the “big storm” is supposed to hit Greenville? Not one of my smarter maneuvers. Last week, though, was one of those weeks where it was a struggle just to get out of bed, get myself and Husband to work on time, and get a run in. Glorious taper my sore behind. Hmph.

That’s how I found myself in a grocery store full of Southerners preparing themselves for “the long winter.” It was difficult not to get caught up in the frenzied anxiety and excitement that permeated the air. After all, I can certainly understand the concern — I learned to respect the freak Southern snow/ice storm after spending three long days and cold, cold nights in the dark in 2005. I was cruising the produce section picking up all of our staples…grapes — check, lettuce — check, red/green peppers — check, potatoes — check, bananas…bananas…anyone?

There were no bananas. Sure, there were plantains and entire, wrapped bunches of “cooking bananas,” but the good ol’ regular bananas had been appropriated by earlier shoppers. What? That’s not on the list of things the News has been telling everyone to stock up on…milk, bread, and eggs, people. Where did bananas enter into the mix?

Phooey. Nevertheless, we have no bananas. In the good news category, getting about an inch of ice dumped on us DID NOT take out the power this time. Hooray! Electricity! Modern conveniences! Happy day!

The only inconvenience was that yesterday was supposed to be my 10-miler. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Marathon Expert and I texted each other on Saturday AM…you have ice? Yeah, me too. It’s probably worse at Furman. How about going for solo runs this weekend so we at least don’t have to drive anywhere? Good idea.

I’m going to venture out today. I think the ice is mostly gone from the roads near my house and the longer I wait, the more likely I am to skip the run altogether, and that just will not do. I did not get this close (13 days) to the marathon to start skipping long runs now! Particularly when this “long run” is less than half of what I ran a week ago. Giggle.

As soon as the ipod charges, i’m planning on hitting the road. Oh, would you look at that. It’s charged. Hmm. Maybe I’ll wait until after lunch…just kidding. See you in 90 minutes, folks.


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