A Running Conversation…

Me: I felt like I was going really fast today, but it turns out I was not.

Scott: (non-committal sound)

Me: Unless, of course, the Nike+ is off again…

Scott: That’s probably it. The Garmin is calling you.

Me: Mleh.

Scott: Just think — you’d know EXACTLY what your pace is so you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. It hasn’t been getting any use…it’s lonely! You could wear it for the marathon.

Me: What? No. Nonono. Too heavy.

Scott: Heavier than carrying around that ipod?

Me: I’m not going to be carrying that during the marathon, either. Besides, if I had the Garmin I wouldn’t have the excuse, “I think the Nike+ is off today. I’m was running so much faster than that.” The mystery would be GONE.

Scott: Huh.


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