Countdown to 26.2: 9 Days

Oh, I’m in for it now. Single digits? Single digits until the longest double-digit run of my LIFE? Pretty soon, the countdown will really be on.


I had a fun day running yesterday. The only way for me to run in daylight right now is to leave work a few minutes early (no big deal considering that my day starts much earlier courtesy of our new carpool system) and run the Falls to Cleveland Park route. Then, I head to pick Scott up from work all smelly and gross, arriving only about 10 minutes after his workday officially “closes.” It’s not an ideal system, but it works.

Well, yesterday I got held up in a meeting at the end of the day. I would have considered skipping the run but that would have been illegal. No, not because me running three miles is so critical to my training at this juncture, but because it was beeeeeautiful yesterday…and it will be decidedly unbeautiful for the rest of the week. Waste a 50-degree, sunny day in February? When the rest of the week promises to be colder and accompanied by some form of wintry precipitation? I think not…especially since others in colder climes are freezing important portions of their anatomy in order to get a workout in.

So off I go down the trail, and today I really am running faster than normal. The logic is that I can use the extra, normal “running” time to still get my stretching in and pick up Scott before they lock the doors at his work and he ends up standing alone outside like some poor kid whose mom forgot to pick him up from school. Terrible analogy…sorry Husband. Crusing down the hill past the Falls, I recognize something out-of-the-ordinary. I feel wide awake and ultra light — I’m actually 100% enjoying all of the sensations that come along with running: feeling the wind on my face, feeling fast as I zip around joggers and walkers…it’s amazing, but the most amazing part is that I can feel this level of enjoyment after 17 weeks of marathon training. I imagine that the look on my face is the one you might see on a kid or a dog. The look that makes you, the logical adult, wonder: “how on earth can running make someone THAT happy?”

It just does. Sometimes. When it all comes together — the day, the training, the speed. Yesterday I could say, with the kid in my neighborhood who occasionally runs half a block with me if he’s out in the yard playing when I run by, “YAYYYYYY, RUNNING!”


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