Countdown to 26.2: 6 Days

It’s the “week of.” Week of “Wicked”, week of Myrtle Beach, week of the marathon.

It’s a busy week! The first big event will be going to see “Wicked” with my dear friend Running Buddy. She initially added it to my Outlook calendar in 2008 and we bought tickets in October…yeah, it’s safe to say that we’re looking forward to it. We’ve both read “Wicked” once upon a time, and last year I read “Son of a Witch” as well. We’re also going to be eating at High Cotton before the show…ooh-la-la. I’ve never been there before, but I already have a higher opinion of myself. So fancy!

Even a fantastic musical and fancy food won’t be enough to distract from the obvious, however…this week, I will run a marathon. I almost typed “try to,” but forget that! Marathon Expert is going to make sure that I cover the infamous distance this time.

I peeked at the extended forecast for MB — and of course things can change — but right now it looks like highs in Myrtle Beach are in the 50’s and lows are in the 30’s. Scott’s theory is that the weather will be gorgeous this week because the past two weeks have been miserable and slightly miserable…I like that theory, but I’m not entirely sure it’s scientifically based. Regardless, so far things are looking good.

During our 8-mile long run (8 miles? Long? Ha!) yesterday, Marathon Expert was interested to hear the race plan. The plan is this: go out at a conservative pace. I’m talking 9:15-9:20 pace conservative. I can probably run faster this, but I’m not going to base the day on “probablies.” The goal is to feel as comfortable as I can for as long as possible…because the real goal here is to finish, not to run a time. I want to have fun. Is that possible? I’m hoping it’s possible. As for the whole, initial “run under 4 hours” goal of yestermarathon (yeah, it’s definitely a word)…that can wait. I don’t want to throw myself against a wall again just for the sake of a time. Step One is to cover the distance. If I can accomplish that with some sort of enjoyment, Step Two can be running under four hours…or running a Boston qualifier…one thing at a time.

So, back to this week. “The week of.” I’m sure there will be lots of posts to come, because apparently “nervousness” equates to “lots of blogging.”


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  1. Sometimes, when I get real nervous, I stick my fingers under my armpits and then I smell them like this…

    No nerves can get my sissy pants down. Why, she’ll just say “Good day to you, Nerves” and keep right on truckin’. Gooooo Sister Blister McKister!

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