Pancake for the Win!

Yesterday, Scott and I watched the MB Marathon course video available at The Sun News. The video’s about two and a half minutes long, and after watching quietly for a minute or so I turned to Scott and said,

“Wow, check out all the hills.”

This, just in case anyone’s not familiar with Myrtle Beach (or with my sense of humor), is an example of sarcasm. As the video cruised through the 26-mile course, I noticed three basic themes: (1) palm trees, (2) construction, and (3) flatness. The palm trees don’t bother me…unless they start dropping coconuts on my head, of course. The construction doesn’t bother me…it appears to be more of the “Brand New Hotel Coming Soon” rather than the “road” variety, so it doesn’t really affect me. I’m not naive enough to think that I’ll truly be caring about the scenery, so it makes no never mind. And say what you will about a hilly course being better for the body because it changes up which muscles get used…I *love* looking at that glorious pancake. Thinking back to the misery of miles 15-18 in Iroquois Park…shudder. Yes, pancake course of Myrtle Beach…I don’t even know you yet, but I love you! I’m guessing Marathon Expert will be feeling the love as well, because she rejoices whenever we opt for the short (read: hill avoidance) loop around Furman Lake.

In other news, MB is sending me LOTS of emails. As in, four emails yesterday alone. The first couple had relevant information (like that helpful video above!), but now it’s pretty much…”the marathon and half marathon are sold out!” Yes, I know. I saw that on your website. And as you’re sending this email to registrants, it’s somewhat of a moot point, isn’t it? “View a list of competitors!” Um, why would I want to do that? I’m pretty sure my nemesis isn’t running this race, so who else would I be looking for? (Note to self: find a nemesis. Advertise if necessary.)

And lastly, if you were hoping to stalk my annoying paper chip as it follows me around the pancake, you’re out of luck. Myrtle Beach doesn’t cater to Internet stalkers. It’s a shame. Final results will eventually be posted at this website. I also promise to do my blogging best to post something after it’s all over. I think our hotel has WiFi.

Update: As of 2:45 this afternoon, I’ve received two “official” MB Marathon emails. The first had the the headline “Lawmaker Ready to Run Marathon,” the second, “Search for Bib Numbers of Athletes Competing this Weekend.” Seriously, guys. Settle down. The one-line emails with a link are getting a tad bit annoying. Maybe we could consolidate them all into one email? Huh?


2 responses

  1. Dept of intriquing questions:

    Q) what happens if you add more flour to pancake mix?
    A) It becomes waffle mix

    Also, pancake mix is quite possibly a newtonian fluid.

    Either way, you win!

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