Countdown to 26.2: 3 Days


I think I’m going to be sick. It’s really here. Completely, unavoidably here. We leave for MB tomorrow afternoon. I’ll pick up my number, run a few miles to shake out the “car legs,” and eat an inordinate amount of pasta with the Marathon Expert. And then, at 6:30 in the morning, I will be joining several thousand others to see if I can–at long last–get myself a stinkin’ finisher’s medal.

I think I’m going to be sick.

In the “good news” category, I must be doing this taper thing correctly. I have so much extra energy you’d think I’d relapsed back into the Mt. Dew addiction…or switched over to something even more potent. But no. It’s just a suddenly low mileage marathon trainee with an indescribable energy surplus. Usually, when I try to taper my legs end up feeling even more sluggish and weird. (I believe I’ve even gone on record grumbling about the taper…but then, I grumble about so many things that it’s hard to keep track.) This time, I just feel (dare I say it?) GOOD. Egads. I’m not sure what to do with that…


5 responses

  1. I’LL TELL YOU WHAT YOU DO WITH “THAT”!! You hold your head high with a smile on your face and confidence overflowing from your cup. In this case “confidence” is literally confidence, but your “cup” is metaphysically your id, ego, and superego wrapped into 5′-2.25″ of confident seasoned post collegiate veteran power.

    If you would like to be more confused into a happy-go-lucky, confident marathon in 3 days, please text “You shot who in the what now?” to 55055.

  2. When you get to mile 26, I”ll be there holding up a huge sign. GO MEGAN!

    For extra points, do a negative split in miles 11 and 22 and _I_ will pay for your bacon cheeseburger “all the way” at Ike’s 🙂

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