Countdown to 26.2: 12 Hours

The recipe to defeat prerace nerves:

1 part surprise visit from a beloved family member
2 parts fun running friends
1 game of mini golf (winning the game is like having whipped cream and sprinkles on top!)
1 SUPER-DUPER annoying helping of race postponement

The race has been pushed back to a 7:00am start time. Currently, the MB Marathon Board of Directors is recommending that the race go on. The decision, however, rests with the City of Myrtle Beach…and they have until 10:00pm to make it. Ahhhhhhh-noying.

So, I’m not sitting in a hotel room worrying myself sick, repeating over and over and over, “I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do this.” Instead, I’m sitting here staring at rapidly-falling snow and only one thought comes to mind —


Stay tuned.


2 responses

  1. I came over to tell you ‘good luck’ and that I hope everything goes swimmingly.

    Additionally, I’ll cross my fingers that the race will go on. You should be in bed though, so hopefully you won’t get this message until race day!

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