Countdown to 26.2: 22 Hours

Lots of excitement here in Myrtle Beach.

Exciting thing #1: MY BROTHER IS HERE! There were several times in the past few weeks when I found myself wishing that lil’ Matty could be here to cheer me on…but how do you ask someone to fly halfway across the country to stand around for four hours cheering occasionally? No, that’s too big a favor to ask for. So I kept quiet…….and then yesterday lil’ brudder himself was standing at our front door. I’m not sure how to describe the feeling except with a — :). I’m so amazingly blessed.

Exciting thing #2: The current forecast for Myrtle Beach is calling for 2-4 inches of snow tonight. That is correct. Two to four INCHES of snow. In Myrtle Beach. While this causes some panic (what do I wear? what do I wear????), I did at one point say that I would be happy as long as it wasn’t hot. It will not be hot, hence I must be happy.

Exciting thing #3: The swag at the MB Marathon is highly impressive. So far, I have a snazzy bag, a snazzy running hat, a snazzy red and white shirt, and a snazzy water bottle. Score!

Exciting thing #4: Um, the marathon is tomorrow. I think I’m excited. Husband has informed me via email that my negativity must be cast aside. I’m getting cool weather, a flat course, and an unexpected superfan to cheer me on. I ought to be, in his words “puking sunshine.” Duly noted, husband. Duly noted.

Exciting thing #5: I’m not quite sure if I can harness its awesome power for mid-race blog posts, but lil’ brudder is the proud owner of an iPhone. If possible, I’ll grant the bro temporary blogging rights in order to provide mid-race updates. “She passed 8 miles!” “She just puked some sunshine!” Etc.


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  1. Puking sunshine! Love it! I almost cried when I read about Matty being there. And I already knew he was gonna be there. Yay for snazzy swag! Yay for Marathon!

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