There Just Aren’t Words…

…when they cancel your marathon 7 hours before the race is supposed to start. Yes, it was snowing at 10:00pm — and snowing quite heavily, I will admit. In fact, this is the most snow that Myrtle Beach has gotten in 10 years. That might explain the complete and total overreaction of the city and marathon committee.

Of course, none of this “treacherous” snow from the “winter storm” managed to stick to the road. Of course.

So, I ask you…DOES THE MARATHON HATE ME? By my tally, it’s Marathon: 2, Megan: 0. It’s indescribably disappointing. What am I supposed to do with this? First, there’s the struggle not to feel guilty about all the money spent. For shoes, and shot bloks, and hotel rooms, and entry fees, and plane tickets…blah, I hate wasting money. Second, everything this weekend was going so well! Driving the course yesterday went perfectly, mini golf with ME, her husband, and my fellas was highly entertaining, Carrabba’s was incredible…and then…and then…a smack in the face by the icy hand of “winter.”

Argh. Man! I ran on a cruise ship, people. And in snow drifts taller than I am. I ran 22 miles. I was completely ready for this. And still…somehow…it’s not up to me. Well played, marathon. Well played.


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  1. Thought of you a few times over the last 48 hours. I’m stuck at home (with pneumonia!), but in spirit I’m at MB with the rest of you. But this? The cancellation? It sucks. A lot.

  2. Ew, Anne! Pneumonia? I’m sending lots of happy “get well” vibes your way. 🙂 About 6,500 other runners and I are quite a bit peeved. It was a beautiful day for a marathon today…especially if you prefer cold-weather running. Alas.

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